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Santa Beatriz Day, November 6. Names for girls

Santa Beatriz Day, November 6. Names for girls

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Beatriz is a name for a girl of Latin origin that means 'the one who makes you happy'. It is thus a sound name and of great beauty of meaning that can be perfect for your daughter. Beatriz has been a frequent name for decades, but she has not lost any freshness or sophistication. Celebrate your name day November 6, which is the day of Santa Beatriz.

Because of the meaning of her name, Beatriz has an overwhelming personality, full of charm and wit that is difficult to resist. His success in social relationships is based on his cheerful and dynamic character. Also, Beatriz is a constant and committed person that does not hesitate to acquire responsibilities.

The name Beatriz is known throughout the world with few variations thanks to the Latin tradition. We find the Italian variant Beatrice and its diminutives Bea or Bice, both with great romantic and sensitive connotations. Because of its strong and sophisticated sound and its meaning, Beatriz is the name your girl is waiting for.

It may help you to choose the name of your baby to know the literary relationships that can be made about Beatriz. Beatrice or Bice was a Florentine lady who went down in history as Dante's idealized or platonic love in his 'Divine Comedy'.

Numerology is the science that establishes a relationship between numbers, people, and physical or spiritual forces. In this way, every child has a digit that accompanies him from the moment his parents choose his name, hence the importance of this decision making being conscious and thoughtful.

In Beatriz's case, the number that corresponds to her is 9 (it is obtained by adding the numbers that correspond to each letter of the alphabet). What is it telling us about the personality of this little girl? We can discover the most positive and the most negative traits.

The best of Beatriz according to numerology
They are girls who attract attention because of how spirited and awake they are from a very young age. This characteristic will make them stand out from the others in the school and that they become, even if they do not want it, they are the leaders of the group. Little by little they will take a liking to this role that has been assigned to them, although they will always keep their feet on the ground.

The worst of Beatriz according to numerology
Despite having the support of many people, girls who are governed by the 9 adore solitude, and it is that they need to have their moment of peace and tranquility. Sometimes they can be a bit unsympathetic or even arrogant, but when they are saturated, they prefer to disappear from the world to return with renewed energy.

The November calendar of saints indicates this date as the big day for girls named Beatriz, but throughout the year we find more days to celebrate this onomastic depending on the saints to whom we want to pay tribute:

  • July 29, saint Beatrice, virgin and martyr under Diocletian.
  • August 16th, Saint Beatriz da Silva Meneses, Dominican religious, founder of the Order of the Immaculate Conception.
  • August 29, Saint Beatrice of Nazareth, religious.
  • November 13, Saint Beatrice of Bohemia, religious.

In addition, on November 6, according to the calendar of the Catholic Church, the following saints are also celebrated:

  • Saint Alexander Sauli
  • Saint Stephen of Apt
  • Saint Felix of Toniza
  • Saint Illutenant of Wales
  • Saint Leonard of Noblac
  • Saint Melanius of Rennes
  • Saint Paul of Constantinople
  • Saint Protassius of Lausanne
  • Saint Tybalt of Le Dorat
  • San Winoco de Taruanense

Is the letter B one of your favorites and that is why you have chosen the name Beatriz for your little girl? If so, here we present other names for girls with the letter B that may be perfect for your daughter.

  • Barbara. It comes from barbus, which means strange. In Catholic custom, Santa Barbara is a protector against fire and lightning.
  • Belen. This Hebrew name derived from Bethany and means 'House of bread'. Those Christian parents choose it because it is the city where Jesus of Nazareth was born.
  • Belinda. If you wait to see the baby face to choose the name, this can help you! Belinda is the combination of 'Belle' (beauty) and 'Linda' (pretty), which would mean something like 'Immortal Beauty'.
  • Beautiful.Although many parents choose names like Isabella, Mirabella, or Arabella just so they can use Bella as a nickname, some may wish to go the direct route and address Bella directly.
  • Bianca. Mick Jagger made this name fashionable in the 70's when he married a woman named like that, but it must be said that this name already existed in Shakespeare's time, so much so that the British writer selected it for one of his Othello characters .
  • Brenda. It is a name of Irish origin that means little crow.

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