The stage of egocentricity in children

The stage of egocentricity in children

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Being self-centered means that the person thinks only of himself and does not matter what others think or feel. But in the case of children it does not mean that it is egocentric (or selfish) simply that they are in an evolutionary stage in which they are the protagonists because they have not yet developed empathic thinking.

Egocentrism is part of the development of the little ones and it is healthy for them to go through it, it is also that they must go through this stage and parents do not have to give it more importance than it really has, they only have to arm themselves with patience and affection.

Around two or three years of age, children go through this phase of egocentricity, showing the deep state of the human being because people are egocentric by nature, but good development and education will change that.

The child knows the world from his own perspective as unique and for this reason has great difficulty in putting himself in the perspective of the other. They cannot empathize and understand the perspective of the other person, in order to understand what is happening the child should be able to become aware of the reality of something that is complicated for his mind at that moment because he is not yet able to differentiate himself from others.

In the egocentric stage of children It is common for tantrums to appear continuously due to a lack of understanding and the lack of possibility of adequate communication, which is why children show great frustration at different events.

With tantrums, the child manifests inappropriate behaviors (shouting, insults, tantrums) that he uses to obtain what he wants, even if it is a stage that passes, it is necessary to help them so that the tantrums are not a regular daily. Everything around him belongs to him, and he manifests that with 'it's mine, it's mine'.

For this and as parents you will have to have a positive mental attitude considering that behavior change is possible by encouraging them constructively. For it:

1 - You will not have to give him what he demands (with a tantrum or bad manners) and entertain him with another alternative that you consider appropriate, act calmly, control your attitude without yelling and bad manners, act with affection and tell him things calmly, tell him the things with few words and use the 'broken record' (say the same thing over and over again) calmly and without nerves, after the tantrum and when calm has come explain his behavior and express what you expect of him next time ... but Above all, fight for the family environment to be calm and happy and be a good example of calm and serenity.

2 - It will be from the complete acquisition of language when children start socializing with others and to begin to understand the point of view of the other, being around four years the beginning of another evolutionary stage because he will begin to have maturity and understanding of the world around him.

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