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What to do if the child puts an object in the nose

What to do if the child puts an object in the nose

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Although it may not seem like it and, especially for the elderly it is difficult to understand it, children love to put objects in their noses, either by playing or experimenting. The most common objects are foods, such as grains of rice or lentils; or small objects such as stones or small jewelry nuggets, small pieces of toys, paper balls, cotton, among others. ¿What do we do if the child puts something in his nose? Are we trying to take it away? Shall we take him to the doctor? And what is most worrying, can it affect any part of the body?

Many times it happens that the child puts an object in the nose secretly and without the parents being aware of it. The object can be there for some time, and parents can discover it when they are going to bathe, put them to bed, when it is time to feed them or when it comes to the medical visit. But sometimes we do not notice them, but we begin to worry because we intuit something strange. These are symptoms that help us know if there is a foreign object in the child's nose:

- Nosebleed.

- Difficulty breathing.

- Pain in the nose.

- Itching and sneezing.

- Irritability.

- Fetid odor and fetid mucous discharge.

Most parents are concerned that an object in the nose can reach the brain, but there is no communication between the nostrils and the brain, as far as it can reach the throat, nasopharynx, when they are very deep.

At home, the only way we have to solve the problem is if we see the object at the tip or very close to the nostril, otherwise, we should rush to the hospital emergency room.

At home we can do various maneuvers. If it is a large child, we can cover the opposite fossa (the one that does not have the object) and tell it to blow very hard several times to see if the object comes out and to breathe through the mouth not through the nose. If it is a smaller child, you can hold its face and with a forceps try to extract it, if it becomes difficult, it is best to go to the emergency room.

The other maneuver that we can try is to suck or suck the object through the child's nose, forming a seal with our lips; If this technique scares you and you do not know how to do it, it is better to go to a health center.

An effective option with non-paper objects is to place solution or water in the opposite nostril as a nasal wash, since the pressure of the water when trying to exit through the other nostril (the one with the object), could cause the object came out.

In this circumstance not wanted by anyone, it is very important to avoid the use of swabs or cotton swabs, hooks, clips or other objects that could harm the child, and always remind you to breathe through your mouth. Never use, either, liquids such as oils, water, or alcohol, because if it is a paper object or a grain, seed, what you will achieve is that it swells and it is more difficult to remove it.

On the other hand, if your child has swallowed the object, nothing happens! It will follow the same path that food takes, although we must be aware of its feces, to see the object when it is expelled.

The thing is more worrying when it comes to a tendril, or a coin, since these could get stuck in the windpipe. In the same way, you can go to the emergency room, and an X-ray will be carried out to show in which area the object is located.

Nobody wants to live this type of experience, so the best thing is try to prevent these accidents. Here are some tips!

- Keep small objects out of the reach of children and small foods like seeds and grains, which could even cause suffocation.

- Do not give small foods that the child cannot handle yet, like hot dogs, grapes, popcorn, or nuts.

- Teach the child that these types of objects should not be introduced anywhere on the body.

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