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Why should children paint mandalas?

Why should children paint mandalas?

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My oldest son started bringing mandalas from school. His teacher gave them to him to color as he pleased. I was totally unaware what a mandala was. At first you only see a circle full of geometric figures inside that the child had to paint with the colors he chose. However, my curiosity was piqued and I began to investigate: what is a mandala?

Mandalas have their origin in India and the word means circle or that which surrounds a center. Visually it is a set of geometric figures that usually represent the characteristics of the universe and have been used for centuries as a point to concentrate meditation.

In recent times, experts have realized that in addition to being a spiritual and ritual symbol, they can also be used in the education of children since they have multiple benefits:

1 - Painting or coloring mandalas helps the child to enhance their Capacity of attention and concentration.

2 - Promotes body control and mastery, especially fine motor skills, which favors the ability to write, draw, manipulate objects ...

3 - Develop patience: coloring a mandala requires time, tranquility and, above all, patience to give color to the multiple shapes and figures inside.

4 - Helps with ADHD treatment: the study 'Meditation with mandalas in 6th grade students diagnosed with SDA' shows that children exposed for 2 months to drawing mandalas helped them improve their concentration and attention span.

5 - They stimulate creativity and imagination of the child.

6 - They help the formation of intelligence and reasoning.

7 - Lower the stress levelIn addition, during the time the child paints a mandala, background music can be put on it so that the relaxing and calming effect is even greater.

8 - Encourage children to overcome challenges and challenges

Coloring Disney princesses of the superheroes of the moment is not bad, but what if we sneak a mandala between their drawings from time to time? It doesn't seem like a bad idea in light of all those advantages.

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