How to foster a love of reading in children in a magical way

How to foster a love of reading in children in a magical way

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He reading habit it is something that must be encouraged in children from a very early age. Books are a fundamental pillar in their development and education, allowing them to embark on a journey through new and interesting worlds. But, getting children and young people to connect with literature is not an easy task because there are many stimuli around them. So how can we stimulate the love of reading?

The writer Andrea Izquierdo, best known for her YouTube channel Andrea Rowling, tells some benefits of reading for children. Books stimulateimagination, creativity and the skills of drafting. This is because the child, when they have already seen a certain word written several times, automatically tend to write it well from the beginning.

In this magical relationship between the child and the book, it is discovered another way of seeing the world, and even to explore the fantastic and unknown adventures that the stories propose. But for the booktuber the most important thing is the power of the shared stories. Shared reading strengthens personal ties, since they feel linked by having something in common.

Now, just as not all children like to play the same games or watch the same movies, they don't have to like the same books either. So, forcing children to do things can lead to revealing and refusing to pick up a book. It is important that your child choose his reading within what is recommended for his age, especially the youngest. There is nothing better than the motivation to read a reading that the child himself has chosen from the bookshelf.

Sometimes a mistake that is made in many schools is to recommend a list of 'must read' to children. This is because their only approach to reading has been classic novels with a language that they do not fully understand. Therefore, you have to approach reading from curiosity.

One of the ways for a child to appreciate books is following your example, that is, offering them all kinds of books since they are little. The complicity between parents, books and children is one of the best ways to promote this fundamental triangle for the development of the pleasure of reading.

Follow fashion When choosing a book it can also help spark your interest in reading. In schools, a game is always a trend and all children run to their parents to have it, as is the case with the tazos or the spinning top. The same thing happens with books, if you see many children who are reading some type of book in particular, try to be interested in it, and propose it because perhaps people around them have also read it.

Times have changed, and technology has become the great ally for consuming content, as it adapts to our needs. In this way, it is possible to resort to other alternatives to traditional reading, such as the audiobooks. You can always put it on any digital device and listen to it, it is one more option to promote culture.

'The little Prince', a novel written by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, has today become a classic, and an essential reading for children and not so young for the values ​​it teaches.

Another reading recommended by Andrea Izquierdo is'Matilda' by Roald Dahl, that a film adaptation with the same name was made in 1996. The writer felt very identified with the protagonist of the book, and in this way, awaken her interest in reading.

Another book that cannot be missing on your shelf is 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory' by Roald Dahl, for both children and adults.

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