10 books that children need to read before the age of 12

10 books that children need to read before the age of 12

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Encouraging reading in the little ones is something we should do from home and it is best if it comes out spontaneously and naturally. If we recommend our children games, activities and promote behaviors that we think will help them in their development, why don't we also recommend reading? Because many times children do not have a book in their hands because they do not know which one to choose. We have some ideas for books for children to read before age 12.

There may not be a literary canon for children like there is for adult literature, but there are a number of lifelong titles that have become children's classics precisely because they are timeless, books that excite all generations of children.

1. Alice in Wonderland, by Lewis Carrol
This book is a must in any child's library and can be a turning point in the reading life. It is suitable for ages 12 and up, but an avid reader of any age will fall in love with this fantastic world of wonders.

2. Tales of the Brothers Grimm
You may have already read them to them, but it doesn't hurt that children try it for themselves. The stories of Little Red Riding Hood, the three little pigs, Cinderella, Hansel and Gretel or Snow White have dazzled generations of children and will continue to do so. And if at any time it seems to you that they are sending the wrong message, especially for your girls, there is always time to remember that it is about stories and not reality.

3. Treasure Island, by Robert Louis Stevenson
Adventures is what any restless child is looking for and will find them in this treasure that should not be missing in the children's library. Imagination, dreams and illusions have the upper hand with this classic suitable for all audiences.

4. Matilda, by Roald Dahl
It is more current but falls within the classics in its own right. Matilda is an avid 5-year-old reader, much in spite of her parents, who strongly recommend that she stop reading and start watching television. The world upside down? From the age of 10 you can perfectly read this exciting book and even before. Plus, it complements the movie perfectly, ideal for a rainy afternoon.

There's a lot literary sagas for teenagers, but a little earlier they can also start to get hooked on the adventures of a protagonist. Up to 12 years there are several to choose from.

5. Harry Potter, by J. K. Rowling
This saga of magic, adventure, friendship and learning needs no introduction, but children may need a nudge in the form of a literary recommendation to turn off the television and discover that more things happen between the pages of a book than behind the screen.

6. Greg's Diary by Jeff Kinney
Laughter is guaranteed in this saga in which the protagonist is Greg Heffley, a rookie high school student who will help any pre-adolescent to have a more comical perspective of their own life events.

7. GerĂ³nimo Stilton, by Elisabetta Dami
The adventures of this journalist mouse are full of mystery and are capable of involving the most disinterested reader. Your children will not be able to stop reading and they will even ask you for a vacation in Ratonia.

What surprises are hidden between the pages of a children's book? Sometimes it's just about feeding your imagination, but other times it can help change your perspective. Learning and entertainment is what you will find in these perfect books for comprehensive development.

8. Goodnight stories for rebellious girls, by Elena Favilli, Francesca Cavallo
For girls who no longer want to be rescued princesses, but rather the protagonists of their own lives, this book contains the inspiring stories of women as real as they are wonderful capable of everything.

9. Lola's Pockets, by Quentin Blake
For the little ones who are starting to read, Lola Pelillos, who has a coat with many pockets, will become their favorite character. What can Lola Pelillos get out of all those pockets? Text and illustrations will give you the answer.

10. Nacho Chichones, by Gonzalo Moure
The bumps are the result of falls and Nacho is so fed up with falling that he decides to climb on a cloud, but how can he go down to earth to see his parents? It is just one of the many titles by this award-winning author that will get the little ones hooked on reading.

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