The Guadalupana. Mexican song to the Virgin of Guadalupe

The Guadalupana. Mexican song to the Virgin of Guadalupe

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As soon as the month of December begins, Mexican families begin to celebrate a great party in honor of the Virgin of Guadalupe. His big day it's December 12.

Until then, numerous pilgrimages, dances and floral offerings are held and some of the songs dedicated to this virgin are loudly played. The most famous perhaps is this, the Guadalupana.

This song is so popular that children learn it from a very young age. The Guadalupe's Virgin It is celebrated during the month of December, but it has its big day December 12th because it is the date that the Mexicans say, the Virgin appeared on the hill of Tepeyac.

From heaven a beautiful morning, from heaven a beautiful morning

The Guadalupana, the Guadalupana, the Guadalupana under Tepeyac (bis).

Supplicant put his hands together, supplicant put his hands together.

And they were Mexicans, and they were Mexican, and their bearing and their face were Mexican (bis).

His arrival filled with joy, His arrival filled with joy

of light and harmony, of light and harmony, of light and harmony all the Anahuac (bis).

Juan Diego passed by the mountain, Juan Diego passed by the mountain,

And closer then, and closer then, and closer then when hearing sing (bis).

Juan Dieguito the Virgin told him, Juan Dieguito the Virgin told him,

this hill I choose, this hill I choose, this hill I choose to make my altar (bis).

And on the tilma among painted roses, and on the tilma, among painted roses

His beloved image, his beloved image, his beloved image he deigned to leave (bis).

Since then for the Mexican, since then for the Mexican

Being Guadalupano, being Guadalupano, being Guadalupano is something essential (bis).

Many years ago, on Mount Tepeyac, in Mexico, lived an Indian boy named Juan Diego, along with his uncle Bernardino. Juan Diego was a boy who always helped his uncle at work, as the man was very ill.

On the morning of December 9, 1531, Juan Diego was on his way to school when as he passed near the Tepenyac hill he heard a voice. So he went up the mountain to see who it was. He met a woman, who told him:

- Juan Diego, I am the Virgin Mary, the mother of God, and I want a temple to be built here to serve those who need me, so that I can help them. Ask the bishop.

- Of course my lady, now I'm going.

The bishop was a Spaniard named San Juan de Zumárraga, a Franciscan monk who had been in that land for some time evangelizing the indigenous people.

The bishop listened to the child attentively but told him that he needed a test before raising the temple as requested by the Virgin. So Juan Diego returned to the top of Mount Tepenyac and told the Virgin, who promised to give him the test the following morning.

But the next morning Juan Diego's uncle became very ill and asked his nephew to call a priest to give him last rites. So Diego ran, skirting Mount Tepenyac so as not to waste time, in search of the priest.

Suddenly the Virgin appeared to him and asked him where he was going in such a hurry. Juan Diego explained that he could not be with her because his uncle became very ill.

The Virgin assured the boy that his uncle was going to be fine, but that she needed him to speak to the bishop and give him the proof.
- Go up the hill, there you will find hundreds of flowers that it is impossible for them to bloom in this cold. Cut them and take them in your mantle to the bishop, that will be enough for him to believe you.

Juan Diego, did what the Virgin told him, and went to the bishop's palace.

- Bishop, I bring you the proof you asked for!

- Instantly the flowers fell scattered on the ground. Next to them was the image of the Virgin printed on the child's mantle.

- Miracle, miracle, the Virgin has done a miracle! - shouted the bishop.

At that very moment he decided to build the church on top of Mount Tepenyac.

When Juan Diego arrived home, he found his uncle completely cured. His uncle told him that Virgin had been with him and had cured him. And that from that moment the virgin was going to be known as the Virgin of Guadalupe.

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