Magic case technique to live back to school without nerves

Magic case technique to live back to school without nerves

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A magical moment is coming: Back to school! It is a moment of nerves that for some parents will already be known but for others, this year they will experience it for the first time. It does not matter what your case is because in both situations there is one thing in common, we have to prepare the backpack for back to school. But this time it won't be just any backpack; It will be a special backpack because we are going to include a magic case with a super power. You may be wondering what this is and what it is for. Wait, we will tell you all the details.

In Neuro-Linguistic Programming (a tool for using our mind in a conscious way, to achieve the desired goals) we have a technique that we like a lot, which is easy to use and which will have a great positive effect on our children. It's about the magic button, that we are going to replace it with the magic pencil sharpener, the magic eraser, the magic marker or whatever you determine with your son or daughter that can be 'their magic button'.

And what is it about? Of something very simple and easy to use in moments of emotional stress: moment of nervousness, of not knowing what to do, of not knowing how to manage an emotion or of trying to find tranquility, for example. The objective of the magic case is that our child in a situation of emotional discomfort, find the resource that makes you feel good about yourself giving him enough attitude to regain his emotional well-being.

As Henry Ford used to say: 'If you think you can as if you think you can't, you are right.'

The first of all is to know what state we want the child to recover through his magic pencil sharpener, his super-powerful eraser, his fabulous marker, etc. For example, let's suppose that you want to achieve peace of mind, security or feeling happy. Once we have it clear, these are the simple steps we have to follow:

1. We are going to ask our son to close his eyes and make himself comfortable, he can sit or lie down.

2. Next, we will ask you think of a situation where he was calm, safe or happy (as we have decided to anchor). It can be a vacation moment, a birthday party ... or whatever you want. The important thing is that you enter that scene and feel it as if you are living it at that moment again. We observe him until we see that emotion appears on his face (surely you know when it happens, because we know well the physiology of our children).

3.- At that moment we give him the pencil sharpener (or the magic object that we have decided to use), and we tell him to squeeze it with his hand. This way we will be creating an anchor. The idea is that when the child feels uneasy, he squeezes the pencil sharpener and connects with the state of tranquility that we are anchoring. You just need to squeeze it for about 4-6 seconds.

4. Then we provide you with an interrupted stater, that is, to remove it from its anchored state to return it to the present moment. To do this, you can ask a question such as: what do you want to eat? Where do you want to go next? or whatever you can think of, that requires their response.

5. We will finish, checking the anchor. To do this, we will tell you to squeeze the pencil sharpener (it is convenient that you do it with the same intensity as you did the first time to create the anchor), and we ask if it connects with that tranquility, happiness or any other state that we have anchored.

If the child's answer is yes, great! In case it does not succeed, we repeat the exercise until it is well anchored. The important thing is that you connect with the state you want to anchor as if you were reliving in the present moment.

In this simple way, you will carry in your case a super power that you can activate whenever you want. If you wish, you can include in the case as many resources as you deem appropriate that you will need to have a good start to school.

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