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Gifts every pregnant mom wants (and deserves) at her baby shower

Gifts every pregnant mom wants (and deserves) at her baby shower

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Sometimes we tend to have a fixed idea of ​​what we will give in a baby showerBut have you thought about the wishes of the pregnant mother at her baby's prenatal party? Giving is an act of love in my opinion. It is a very sweet way to show a person your love and appreciation for them and how much they mean in your life, especially if we are celebrating them for some important achievement. But, I personally think that the best way to get a smile on their face is to give them something that that person really wants or needs and cannot get by themselves.

This example can be very present when choosing what to give to a future mother at her prenatal party. Cause let's be honest when we have to give a gift at a baby shower we always tend to choose the same options: diapers and other baby products. Although all these gifts are not bad, why should we forget about mothers?

So keep in mind these great options to give a woman for her baby shower:

1. A date at a spa
Although pregnancy is known as 'The sweet wait', not everything is glamorous or rosy during all the months of pregnancy. Back pain, foot swelling, body change, stretch marks, bodily discomfort and constant tension as the time approaches can wreak havoc on the routine of expectant mothers, making them feel a bit insecure about their aesthetic perception.

Therefore, a relaxing day in a spa is a delight that they will not be able to resist and that they will thank you for. So don't think too much about it and surprise her with a gift card for a day of massage, beauty treatment, hairdressing or manicure and pedicure. By the way, it is best to look for a center that has treatments designed for pregnant women.

2. Beauty session at home
On the other hand, if you cannot afford a spa appointment or the mother you want to grace is not available to attend it, then you can give her a basket with products to create her own beauty corner at home. Another option is to hire professional people to give a full experience to the expectant mother in the comfort of her home.

The best options to assemble the basket are: Essential oils for massages (beware that some are not recommended), body lotions after showering, relaxing hand and foot cream, anti stretch mark cream, neck and foot pads, exfoliating cream, lotions relaxing and even a couple of incenses so that the mother can have her moment of disconnection.

3. Nice clothes that you want but can't buy
Clothes! It can become a minor headache for pregnant women, as they do not know which maternity clothes they can choose that will fit their new body and more importantly, that will fit them during the postpartum stage. Why can't we look good during and after pregnancy?

Many have that mistake of thinking that maternity clothes are only necessary during pregnancy, when the reality is that it is also necessary for a couple of months after giving birth. So taking a day to go shopping for the future mother can be an ideal gift, although if yours is not fashion, then give her a gift card and accompany her.

4. Underwear to feel pretty
From woman to woman, underwear offers us a sensual touch under our clothes that makes us feel beautiful and confident. Something that does not have to change during pregnancy or after giving birth. Giving a future mother good underwear options that are comfortable and fit perfectly is ideal for reinforcing her femininity while remaining fantastic mothers.

So find an underwear consultant and look for the best options or again, take it with you for an intimate girlie experience.

5. Give a sweet day
Pregnant women have constant cravings and most of them are sweet, so why not give the mother a basket of sweets at her prenatal party? Currently there are infinities of options to assemble it on your own or to request a repair service. Whatever your method, keep in mind that you must be careful with the sweets that you are going to give away because you have to put health first.

The best options for these baskets are fruits. Fruit arrangements never go out of style, they are extremely healthy and the best ones are delicious! So you can do one of these without thinking twice. But if your future mother has other tastes, then dark chocolate, berries, nuts and seeds and low-calorie sweets are the most ideal.

6. A night off when the baby is born
Although now that she is still pregnant she does not want to hear about separating from her baby, surely in a few months she will appreciate having a night off to go out to dinner, take a quick trip, go to the movies ... What if you give her a voucher for a night off? You will be in charge of doing the nanny or babysitter when you want to cash your gift.

7. A babymoon
Babymoons have become fashionable and, in case you haven't realized it from the name yet, it is a honeymoon (a honeymoon) before the baby is born. It is something like the last trip of the couple without children ... and the first trip of the baby, who is still in the belly. It can be a great gift to give to all the guests at the baby shower.

Always take into account the opinion of the future mother, so a very good recommendation is to ask her to do a wish list of your ideal gift from your personal point of view. That way, you can't go wrong with the gift, and you can ensure that she enjoys it to the fullest.

If you want to surprise her, then propose to make a game: ask her what her ideal gift would be if she were in control, just for her. Ask her to be a bit selfish and to focus on gifts just for her that make her feel good. Well, a woman happy with herself is a perfect mother for her children, because she is the best example of loving themselves to take care of others.

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