Fables for children in pictures

Fables for children in pictures

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Short stories with a moral


A farmer had a horse and a donkey. He had to carry two sacks of flour, and the donkey offered to share the load, but the horse refused. After two hours, the donkey collapsed and the horse had to carry the sacks and the donkey.

A swarm of flies was flying when it found a pot of honey. Attracted by the smell they pounced on the jar to eat it, and when they wanted to realize they had become trapped, stuck in the honey, and began to drown.

A man had a hen that gave golden eggs. He was happy, but began to get impatient: he wanted more golden eggs and decided to kill the hen, thinking that all the golden eggs were inside, but he did not find them.

A milkmaid went to the market very happy. With the money he would get from selling his milk, he would buy a hen and with the hen's eggs, a goat. He dreamed so much that he did not see a stone on the road, he stumbled, the pitcher fell and everything was spilled.

A fox was walking through the forest when she saw a tree with grapes. He tried to pick them up, but couldn't. As a bird approached, he told him that the reason he did not eat the grapes was that they were green, and not that he could not reach them.

The lion fell into a trap and was trapped. A little mouse wanted to help him, but the lion scoffed at his size. The mouse freed the lion by biting the ropes until they broke, and showing his friend that we are all important.

A pigeon was flying when it saw an ant fall into a river. He went to save her and the ant, grateful, promised to return the favor. Some time later he was able to do so by biting the hand of a hunter who was going to shoot the pigeon.

The hare and the tortoise made a race. The hare, sure of winning, laughed at the poor tortoise. He was so confident that he decided to take a nap before reaching the goal. The tortoise walked, while the hare slept, and won the race.

The cicada enjoyed the summer, while the ant worked. Despite his warnings, the cicada sang while the ant stored food. When the cold came, the cicada did not have to eat and asked the ant for help.

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