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The wolf on the farm. Story to explain to children what ADHD is

The wolf on the farm. Story to explain to children what ADHD is

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If there is a child diagnosed with ADHD in your child's class, they may have asked you questions such as: why is he always moving around or why is he not paying attention in class. It is normal that little ones do not understand what Attention Deficit Disorder and / or Hyperactivity Disorder is (if almost even adults do not know what it consists of!), Therefore, it is necessary to go to different educational resources, such as children's stories, to explain. You can read below "The wolf of the farm", a story that will help you explain to children what ADHD is and why your partner who suffers from it has certain behaviors.

Tito has always been a very mischievous cub and crazy. He's always barking, howling, and he spends all his time running around and around.

Pedro, the farmer, asks Tito to be like the other domestic animals on the farm. But even though the little wolf tries, something inside him makes him not always able to control himself. And this brings him a lot of problems on the farm.

Everyone on the farm has to work hard and work as a team, but Tito most of the time leaves his tasks without doing. He prefers to play pranks on horses and pigs. Give scares to the cows and play tag with the chickens. He spends the day distracting everyone and does not let them carry out their tasks quietly. They are fed up!

The farm is revolutionized with Tito. The farmer is a little angry. The barn has been found in disorder, all dirty around the filth, the cows give less milk every day because of so much scare and the plants in the garden do not grow because Tito steps on it when he runs after his friends the chickens.

Summer has arrived. Tito loves staying up at night this time of year. He spends hours 'singing' to the moon, and he loves taking walks around the farm. It makes so much noise that it doesn't let anyone sleep. This means that in the morning none of his friends have enough energy to be able to carry out their tasks.

One of those nights Pedro, the farmer caught his attention. Tito had never seen him so angry and sad. The wolf realized that what he was doing was wrong.

- You can't keep making these messes at night Tito. For the good of the farm we all have to rest at night and, thus, be able to carry out our tasks well during the day - said the farmer.

Then the farmer gave Tito some advice to learn to control himself and know what were the right times to joke, sing and play with his friends:

- Titus, before ACTING, you must LISTEN and THINK.

In addition, the farmer has proposed to the cub a task that he likes much more: Now Tito is in charge of watching over the farm and helping other animals so that they can perform their tasks better. In summer you can also watch at night but with one condition: you can only 'sing' if you see something strange happening.

Tito is willing to work hard every day until he learns to do everything right what the farmer sent him. He will walk the entire farm during the day to help his companions, although it is difficult to contain the desire to play with them.

The wolf does his tasks better every day and feels very useful. One summer night, thanks to the fact that he was watching and started howling, she was able to prevent the chickens from stealing their eggs a thieving fox that was prowling around the farm.

The farmer and his friends are very happy and proud of him. Tito is very happy about it and has seen that the effort has been worth it.

In order for the children to understand the message of this story well, and to understand a little better what ADHD is, we propose some questions below that will make them reflect. And at the same time, you can check their level of reading comprehension.

1. How was Tito's behavior?

2. Were the animals on the farm upset with your behavior?

3. What does the farmer decide to do?

4. How do you think Tito's behavior is similar to your partner's?

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