Summer, a great occasion to create the reading habit in children

Summer, a great occasion to create the reading habit in children

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The holidays are a great time to 'get bored', to do nothing, to free yourself from the tension and stress of winter. Adults have to manage our days well to enjoy them to the fullest, but children have almost two and a half months ahead of us, enough time to discover new hobbies, such as reading. And it is that, dads and moms, Summer is a great time to create the habit of reading with children.

I am one of those who thinks that he who does not read is because he does not want to or, perhaps, because no one has shown him the wonderful world that hides behind the pages of a book, a comic or a story. It is important that, as parents, let's encourage, strengthen and create the habit of reading in children, because reading has multiple benefits:

- Increase vocabulary
The child will learn new words and, in addition, will know how they are written, which will save him from making spelling mistakes.

- Develop your imagination
On the pages of a book or a story ... anything can happen, the same happens in the heads of the little ones! You just have to give them tools to further develop their imagination, and books can be one of them.

- Promotes concinput
During reading, the little one has to put almost the five senses at the service of books and, consequently, train concentration, something that will benefit him, for example, when taking an exam.

- Improves memory
Just as we do gymnastics to keep our bodies in shape, children and adults must train our brains to improve memory. Practicing the habit of reading on a daily basis will facilitate our goal.

- Has a relaxing effect
As it is an activity that does not require movement and is performed individually and silently, it allows the heart rate to drop and, therefore, the child relax and be calmer. Some say that if the little one reads before going to sleep, he won't wake up all night! Do we try?

And now comes the big question: How to create and strengthen the habit of reading in children? Perhaps we are not aware of it, but throughout the day many situations arise that we can take advantage of to immerse ourselves in the reading of a great adventure. Many are conducive to summer, because there is more time, but they can be extrapolated to any time of the year. Take note!

- Waiting time at the doctor / train station
What do you and your little one do when you go to the pediatrician and he is late or while you are waiting for the train to take you to town? It is true that you can play riddles or I see, but it can also be a perfect excuse to start reading that book that you gave him for his birthday.

- Visits to the library
The libraries are also for the summer, and the books are not closed for holidays. Why don't you take advantage of a moment in the afternoon to stop by one of them and take a look at the news they have? In some, they also organize meetings with authors.

- Organize your reading club
So that the child is more encouraged to read, why not involve the rest of the friends? You can find a creative name and set up your own reading club. Each week, all the children should read the same title to themselves and then comment on what they liked the most and what they liked the least, and even change something in the story. Another activity that parents and children can prepare for this reading club is to create your own book. What if then you cheer up and self-publish it?

- Book exchanges
There are many book fairs in different countries, but are there any in your neighborhood or, better yet, in your urbanization? You can talk to parents and children from other floors and agree that, for example, once a month each one must download that copy that has become old by age or that you have already read hundreds of times and exchange it for someone else.

- Time of nap or digestion
What to do in those moments of the day when the heat is on, you have just eaten and you cannot go down to the pool because it is closed or go for a walk because you melt? The little one probably won't want to take a nap, but what if you propose to travel to Hogwarts? He will think you are crazy, but if you show him that through reading the Harry Potter books he can do it, he will love the idea!

- Ally yourself with new technologies
We want to encourage and strengthen the habit of reading among children and not have them glued to the screen all day, but why not use new technologies as an ally? Yes, for example, through e-books. It will be a different type of experience than reading on paper, but the benefits will be the same.

- Download podcasts from our site
Another very entertaining and original way to teach children about all that the letters of the alphabet can do when they put together and construct sentences is by listening to short fables through podcast. They are ideal for long car trips and even before bed!

- Preach by example
I remember a teacher from my 'gordis' nursery school who told me: 'It is important that children see you write, but it is also necessary that they see you read.' And it is almost impossible for a child to start in the world of reading if he does not live it at home. Let's share this hobby with him! In your calendar of family activities, you can reserve a moment of the weekend for reading, in which each one will dedicate themselves to reading a chapter of their favorite book and then be able to establish a mini colloquium.

- Storytelling at home
Do you have children of different ages? Tell the older one, if he can read, to sit down with the little one and tell him a story. It will be fun! If you are both older, you can read a book and then put on a play for you and Dad based on it, or become professional storytellers. Imagination to the power!

- Give away books!
At home we have a tradition that we started when my oldest daughter was one year old and that continues after seven. Whenever there is a special occasion -someone's saint, the Three Wise Men, Santa Claus, end of year, vegetation operation- as a prize, reward or gift, the girls are given a book. In this way, my daughters have grown up knowing that reading is an important activity within the family.

This vacation there is no excuse for your little one to experience his first summer love, and the best! it will be with the books.

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