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Common names for girls in Mexico that have a precious diminutive

Common names for girls in Mexico that have a precious diminutive

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The names for girls and boys that Mexican parents choose for their babies is part of the culture of the country. Among the common names in Mexico we have examples that highlight the devotion to the most venerated saints, although it is also typical to put names inspired by the stars in the sky. To help you choose a beautiful name for your daughter, whether you are from this country or want to pay her a little tribute, we have put together a list of some of the most common names. Each of them have been accompanied by its origin and meaning, as well as its precious diminutive.

We started! These are some of the most popular names for girls in Mexico.

1. Guadalupe: Lupe / Lupita / Guada
One of the most popular names and with the greatest Mexican historical tradition is Guadalupe, since it is used in commemoration of the Virgin of Guadalupe. A curious fact is that this name is unisex. It comes from Náhualt 'Coatlallope' and means 'The one who crushes serpents'. Other experts assure that this name comes from Arabic and means 'river of black stones'.

2. Mariana: Marianita
If you are looking for a popular girl name in this country, stick with Mariana. It is a Hebrew combination of Mary which means "The one chosen by God" and Anna which refers to "Full of grace." Without a doubt a choice with an extra touch to its attractive origin.

3. Veronica: Vero
Of Latin origin 'Vera icon', it is a proper first name for women, although it also has a Greek origin 'Ferenike' which means 'She who bears the victory'. A perfect example of an attractive and delicate name for girls, but with a strong meaning.

4. Monica: Mona / Moni
This is a name with a beautiful and delicate touch for girls. But, you will agree with me that its meaning is literally unique. And is that according to its Greek etymological origin, this means "Only one" and is a proper name for women.

5. Ximena: Xime
Ximena is a very original name and at the same time popular in Mexico, due to its freshness. It has its origin from the Hebrew ‘Shamah’ which means ‘The one who has been heard’. And it is sure to be heard with that attractive and powerful name.

6. Valeria: Ok
It comes from the Latin ‘Valere’ and is the feminine variant of the name Valerio, which its meaning falls on ‘She who is courageous and strong’. Valeria is a beautiful but strong name for a girl that you cannot miss.

7. Gabriela: Gabi
Mexican parents also very often use the name Gabriela for their newborn girls. It is a Hebrew name that means 'woman of God'. Could this beautiful meaning be the reason why this nickname is so widespread in the Mexican country?

In Mexico there is also the custom of using the stars as inspiration for female names. Some examples are:

8. Lucero: Lucerito
It has a Latin origin, derived from the attributions to light and luminosity. However, its meaning is that of ‘Beautiful woman’ and it was related to those women who simply could not go unnoticed because of their beauty. Lucerito is often used as an affectionate diminutive.

9. Sun
The use of Sol as a proper name for girls goes back to Latin, where it is attributed to 'She who shines like the sun'. A very beautiful name with an extra touch for your girl, although being such a short name it is difficult to find a diminutive that is used in a generalized way.

10. Star: Estrellita
Estrella is one of the most used in Mexico, as an original and attractive name for girls. It also has a derivative, which is Estela, but its origin dates back to Latin to make direct reference to the ‘stars in the night sky’ and owes its popularity to Santa Estela or Santa Estrella (3rd century martyr).

11. Venus
In Roman tradition, it refers to the goddess of love and beauty. It has its etymological root in the Latin ‘Wen’ which means precisely ‘Love, beauty or desire’. There is no doubt that this is a very original and precious name for babies.

12. Aurora: Aurorite
Aurora is another of the most used names in Mexico and other countries in the world, due to its phonetics, since it has a sweet and delicate tone to the ears, perfect for any girl. It is of Latin origin and refers to the ‘Goddess of dawn’.

Get inspired by these beautiful and original names for mexican girls, with its own diminutives. Which one is your favorite?

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