11 phrases from The Lion King that inspire and teach values ​​to children

11 phrases from The Lion King that inspire and teach values ​​to children

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'Hakuna matata, a way of being, hakuna matata, nothing to fear, without worrying is how to live, to live like this I learned here, hakuna matata ...' I can't think of a better way to start talking about the endearing movie The Lion King than singing a bit of his song. How many times have you sung it too?

And it is that it is a movie that you surely saw many times in your childhood. The same that you see now next to your children. Did you know that in addition to being a super entertaining film, it is excellent for educating in values? If we break down the argument a bit we discover a few phrases to think about and to learn from them. Here you have the best phrases of The Lion King to reflect and to educate the smallest of the house in values. They are very inspiring!

Sure you do, sure you remember the first time you saw the Lion King movie Like it was yesterday And surely you also have in your memory that Saturday afternoon that you saw her with your son on the sofa. I remember It too. My little one was sick and to encourage him I told him if we could watch a very funny movie together. 'What is mom about?' He asked me. And I replied ...

'Well, The Lion King is a very beautiful movie that tells the adventures of Simba who, after losing his father, moves away very sad from the rest of his family. Luckily, he meets two great friends who take care of him and accompany him on his way. Shortly after, he plucks up his courage and decides to return to his pack ... '

'Don't tell me any more mom, let's see her.' So that afternoon we watched the movie together, of course it wasn't the only one ... Do you like the first one better too? Maybe you like the second part better, or the third ... A film that premiered in 1994 and directed by Roger Allers and Rob Minkoff and that it has never stopped being fashionable. But let's go back to the topic at hand, here are a few phrases to educate boys and girls in values ​​and also to never forget. Let's go there!

1. 'At times like this, my friend Timon always says you have to put the past behind you.' Pumbaa

What does it mean? Well, there are times in life that things don't go the way you want and that's when you think about the past and when you should have acted differently. It is useless now, you have to learn from the past but not focus on it. Good is coming!

2. 'Oh yeah… the past can hurt. But the way I see it you can either run away from it or learn. ' Rafiki

Better learn from him, don't you think? In this way we will be able to grow as people and overcome our fears and our mistakes. Without a doubt, a whole life lesson that Rafiki gives us and that we must always keep in mind.

3. 'Remember who you are…' Mufasa

Phrase that Mufasa says to his son Simba in this movie when he sees that he feels lost. Say it over and over again when you feel like nothing makes sense and give it to your kids so they see how much you love them and know where they belong in their pack.

4. 'It is important to always look where you are going, rather than where you were.' Rudder

Again, reference is made to the past, it starts from there, but to move forward and achieve each one's goals, one must look at where we are going. Children may not understand it the first time but it is something that, explained with everyday examples, adds great value.

5. 'Everything you see coexists in a delicate balance. As king you will have to understand that and respect all creatures, from the little ant to the antelopes. ' Mufasa

Well, we have to do the same with our planet. Planet earth coexists in a delicate balance that we have to respect so that it can continue like this. Talk to your children about recycling and not wasting natural resources and they sure understand it like a charm.

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6. 'You must be mature enough to understand your fears and overcome them.' Mufasa

We all have to be mature to understand fears and overcome them, but of course, it is neither something simple nor something that is achieved overnight. Let's start by talking about those fears, sharing them, analyzing them and then, little by little, leaving them behind.

7. 'Being brave doesn't mean you go looking for trouble.' Mufasa

Being brave means acting well at all times, being responsible and standing up to problems. Remember that all the brave are also afraid at some point.

8. 'Look inside yourself Simba. You are more than you have become. ' Mufasa

Value yourself and see how much you have achieved with your effort. Don't stop saying words like these to your kids whenever you can. They are ideal to boost your self-esteem.

9. 'So when you feel bad just remember that kings will always be there to guide you and so will I.' Mufasa

Remember, dear son, that your parents and the whole family are there to guide you, to love you and to listen to you. Do you remember what the law of the pack is? Everyone takes care of everyone! I myself say that to my children hundreds of times.

10. 'Having a friend is a treasure'. Pumbaa

How right you are! Friendship is a very precious commodity. It's time to take care of friends and tell them how much they mean to you.

11. 'Hakuna Matata! It means there are no worries for the rest of the days. ' Rudder

Live and be happy ... Of course, what is more important in life than to enjoy and be happy? Another phrase from the movie The Lion King that educates young and old in values. By the way, when you are sad or your children are, sing the song Hakuna Matata, you will see how the mood improves.

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