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Why glitter can kill a child

Why glitter can kill a child

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How many times do we as children or our children now play at painting or decorating a drawing with glitter, a substance that seems harmless, but is not. Did you know that in Argentina a child died from having accidentally inhaled this material, because it was inserted in a whistle with which he played? Discover why glitter can kill a child and what damage it can cause to the health of children.

Many times our children at home, in schools or in day care centers have contact with products that are used by them during recreational activities or, even, when they handle some toys that contain products or substances that we do not know if they are toxic or not.

One of those materials that are used frequently without knowing that they can cause diseases, ranging from mild pathologies to serious diseases that put their lives at risk, is glitter, frost or glitter.

Glitter is a very fine powder, very striking and with very bright colors that is used, above all, in the manufacture of toys, in Christmas or New Year's decorations and in crafts made at school or nurseries by children themselves.

It is an over-the-counter product, which is practically present in our children's daily lives and, by the way, quite difficult to clean, sometimes remaining adhered to surfaces.

But we can also say that glitter is a very sinister product, that because it is a micro plastic of less than 5 mm it is very easy to inhale and produce a serious pathology at the respiratory, digestive level and other parts of the body. Discover them all!

1. At the respiratory level
The problem occurs when it enters the body, through the nostrils, by inhalation of the same or by introduction of the fingers that contain the product. It passes through the upper respiratory tract, reaching the lungs, where a severe inflammatory reaction called chemical pneumonitis occurs.

The biggest problem is at the level of the alveoli, where the function of hemoglobin is affected, since it cannot exchange oxygen / carbon dioxide, therefore a severe progressive hypoxia occurs, which leads to acute respiratory failure and possible death of the child, if you do not act quickly. The behavior in these children is to connect them to a respirator, with adequate parenteral treatment and wait for their evolution.

2. Eye injuries
When it comes into contact with the eyes, it can cause irritation, conjunctivitis and even ulcers of the cornea.

3. Digestive system
By ingesting the irritating substances, you may experience abdominal pain, vomiting and diarrhea.

4. Skin damage
Although there are glitters for cosmetic use, there are people who are more sensitive than others and can present irritating lesions and blisters. And if there are wounds, they can be introduced through it and the toxic components can be absorbed.

5. Other complications
Glitter also contains a large amount of highly toxic metals, such as lead, copper, tin and zinc, which in the long run cause diseases or injuries in any part of the body that compromise the health and lives of children and which can lead to weakness, headache, loss of appetite, weight loss / stature.

Nor can we forget the damage that this material can cause at the level of the environment (seas or oceans), since as it is not a biodegradable product, it can be ingested by marine fauna and cause disease and death.

All these circumstances, and the fact that there have been deaths of children by inhaling glitter, have meant that in some countries, such as Argentina, California or the United Kingdom, its sale has already been prohibited.Therefore, since We ask parents for common sense before using this material:

- As if it were a medicine, keep out of the reach of children!

- If the child handles this substance, always be under the control of an adult.

- Keep the jars or containers where the glitter is well closed to avoid its expansion around the house

- When working with it, always wear gloves and a mask. Never touch it with your hands!

- Before any symptoms of breathing problems in the child, go directly to the hospital!

- And, as far as possible, avoid buying it.

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