Rights of pregnant women by country

Rights of pregnant women by country

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In almost all countries there are laws that protect pregnant women, that guarantee their safety and that of their baby, that provide a period of rest after childbirth and that offer specific rights during the baby's early years.

The pregnant woman has about labor rights which vary by country. However, the reality is sometimes very different from what governments legislate. We know the duration of maternity leave, leave during breastfeeding and the salary that the pregnant woman receives by country.

Spain: Maternity leave is 16 weeks uninterrupted, being mandatory at least 6 of them after delivery. The pregnant woman receives her full salary during this period of maternity leave. You also have the right to take time off work for medical visits and childbirth classes, and you can opt for reduced working hours during the child's first 6 years.

Mexico: In Mexico they are 12 weeks maternity leave, being 6 weeks before delivery and 6 weeks after delivery with full salary. During the breastfeeding period, you are entitled to two breaks a day during your working day. You also have the right not to carry out tasks during pregnancy that put your health or that of the baby at risk.

Colombia: In Colombia, pregnant women have the right to 14 weeks maternity leave. During the first 6 months of the baby and on the occasion of breastfeeding, you can take advantage of 1 hour a day divided into two breaks of 30 minutes each. The dismissal of a pregnant woman is null if it occurs before 3 months after her return to work.

USA: The Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) is one of the least protective of pregnant women, who have 12 weeks maternity leave but remuneration is not mandatory during that period. The laws depend on each state and also on the company where you work, depending on the number of workers and how long you have been with it.

Argentina: Maternity leave is 90 days, being 30 days prior to delivery. Depending on the seniority of the worker in the company, she can opt for an extension of between 3 and 6 months but without pay, in what would be a kind of maternity leave. During the breastfeeding period, you are also entitled to two breaks of 30 minutes each.

Brazil: Pregnant women in Brazil have the right to 17 weeks maternity leave, positioning itself as one of the Latin American countries most focused on the protection of pregnant women. You are also entitled to two 30-minute daily breaks during breastfeeding.

Peru: Pregnant women in Peru have breaks from 45 days before delivery and others 45 days after the baby is born, although you can distribute them differently and accumulate them all after delivery if you wish. During the breastfeeding period, you are also entitled to two breaks of 30 minutes each.

Chili: In Chile, pregnant women enjoy a maternal jurisdiction that prevents dismissal up to 1 year after delivery. Breastfeeding can last up to 2 years of the child with the right to two daily 30-minute breaks. And maternity leave is distributed in 12 weeks after delivery and 42 days before your due date.

Venezuela: Maternity leave is 18 weeks, distributed in 6 weeks prior to delivery and the rest after the baby is born. During the lactation period, the pregnant woman is entitled to two daily breaks of 1 hour each and cannot be fired until 1 year after delivery.

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