The meaning of Christmas decorations

The meaning of Christmas decorations

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We see that Christmas is coming when we see people decorating houses, city streets, shops, churches, schools, ... Bells, candles, mistletoe wreaths, poinsettias, stars or lights of Colors are just some of the ornaments that decorate the environment on these very special dates and that surround us in a warm, endearing, family and festive climate.

But, What is the meaning of christmas decorations that with such enthusiasm we spread on the walls, doors and windows? On our site we tell you what the meaning of each of the Christmas decorations is, so that you can explain it to your children.

Meaning of the Christmas bells

The bells that hang from doors and windows or from the branches of the fir, represent the joy of the birth of the baby Jesus and the arrival of Christmas. Formerly it was said that they were used to drive away evil spirits, but today their Christmas ringing is a reason for joy.

Why we use balls to decorate the Christmas tree

Balls of different colors, more or less bright, and even some with their own light always hang from all the Christmas firs. The stories say that this ornament represents the ancient apples that hung from the oak tree and represented the abundance and return of the spirits of Nature and the fertility of the Earth.

Meaning of Christmas candles

The tradition of lighting candles at Christmas is said to go back to when the Virgin Mary brought the Child into the world by the light of a candle in the manger in Bethlehem. Since then they symbolize precisely that, light. Colored candles are lit in homes, each with a different meaning: yellow for money and work; red for love; blue for tranquility; green for hope; or white for peace and quiet.

Meaning of the Christmas stars

They say that their Majesties the Kings of the East came to Bethlehem thanks to a star that announced the arrival of the baby Jesus and led them to the manger. That is why the stars symbolize light and hope; and they can have very different shapes and colors, but the meaning does not change. They are placed on top of the Christmas tree, in the Nativity scene, and in many other Christmas decorations, including cookies.

What does the Christmas mistletoe mean

The Druids considered mistletoe a magical plant, a universal remedy: it served to protect but also as a medicine, although if ingested large quantities it could be lethal. For this reason it became an object of deep veneration for the Gauls.

For the Celtic priests, this 'magic' plant was used as protection against diseases and evil eyes, but also as an aid for women to get pregnant. In Italy it is the plant of love. And that is the belief that has survived to this day. They say that it brings good luck and love to place a sprig of the plant at the front door of buildings or houses.

The tradition of Christmas wreaths

The Christmas wreaths, made from branches and decorated with candles, pinecones, bows or fruits, have their origin in Germany. They are traditionally placed on the front door or as a centerpiece, and hint at eternal life.

Origin of the Christmas angels

The angel was in charge of announcing to Mary that she was going to give birth to the baby Jesus. To give it its rightful place, it is usually placed in the Portal of Bethlehem and on top of the Christmas tree, symbolizing love and goodness.

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The Bible tells that the wise men arise at the time of the birth of Jesus. In the Gospel of Saint Matthew, it is stated that in the time of Herod III some magi came in search of the call 'King of the Jews', following a star that would guide them from the East. At that time the name 'magician' was given to fortune tellers and astrologers. Experts say that the fact that they were guided by a star suggests that the kings knew astrology.

It was said that the three wise men came from different places in Asia, Africa and Europe, because of the three races they have, and that they followed the star that led them to visit the baby Jesus, bringing him precious gifts. 'Where is the born King of the Jews? For we saw his star in the East and we have come to worship him. '

Experts say that the fact that they were guided by a star suggests that they were instructed in astrology or the science of navigation and in the calculation of time by means of stellar configurations. Over time, in the 9th century, they became known as:

- Melchior. The oldest with a white beard. The king who gave gold to the child Jesus, as a symbol of royal nature.

- Gaspar. A blond young man who gave incense to the baby Jesus, as a symbol of glory, praise and power.

- Baltazar. The black man, who gave myrrh as a symbol of human nature, to the baby Jesus.

The feast of the Magi, that is, the epiphany (manifestation), is celebrated on January 6. In Spain, the wise men bring gifts to children.

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