The Green Pen Method for Teaching Children

The Green Pen Method for Teaching Children

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Motivate instead of punish. Praise instead of scold. Highlight the hits instead of pointing out the mistakes. Can you imagine a teacher who, instead of using a red pen to underline all the mistakes made by children, would use the green pen to highlight the successes? That is the revolutionary new method of child learning, which has been devised by a mother.

As a child, I hated those exams full of scribbled red pen. The only thing I did was sink my self-esteem and yes, I realized how many mistakes I had made. Even today, the red pen is used in schools to highlight what is wrong.

I never stopped to think ... What if my teachers had used the green pen to mark the successes instead of underlining the mistakes? This is what the mother who devised the Green pen technique.

His daughter, who was learning to write, still did not know how to write the letter correctly. His mother used templates with letters and numbers. Complete series that your daughter had to complete. In each line, he circled with green pen, the letter that had come out the best. In this way, her daughter understood the way forward instead of looking at everything she had done wrong.

The green pen technique therefore answers the question that many children ask: 'Mom, which one has come out better for me?'

Without a doubt, motivation is the main advantage of using the green pen to correct homework. Positive teaching based on motivation and positive reinforcement that will make the child progress more quickly in learning. But there is more:

- The child will more easily remember the correct answer. The mind tends to retain what it sees underlined or marked in another color, since it gives more importance than the rest of the text. If what it catches is an error underlined in red, it will remember the errors. If you focus on what has been underlined in green as a hit, you will remember how to get it right.

- We will no longer try to avoid mistakes, but we will insist on repeating successes. It is a change of mind. Do not avoid the negative, but stay on the positive path.

- Focusing only on one mistake compared to the rest of the successes creates a feeling of frustration and incorrect dissatisfaction. Why give so much importance to a single mistake if there are 20 hits?

- The child will be more motivated to do things well. Positive reinforcement will always be an excellent and powerful incentive.

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