The origin of costumes on Halloween night

The origin of costumes on Halloween night

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Halloween night is a good time for children to dress up in fear to scare or impress their friends and family. And the more horrifying and gloomy the costume they choose for the Halloween nightBetter yet, because that way they will leave their homes and, as tradition dictates, they will go out trick-or-treating in the neighborhood and scare you at the same time. Why do children like to dress up for Halloween? Where did this tradition come from? We will tell you.

According to history, the Celts, promoters of this celebration, used a mask to flee from ghosts. They followed this tradition, motivated by fear of spirits and the dark.

The custom of dressing up for Halloween It has Celtic roots, rather Anglo-Saxon. The winter nights of hundreds of years ago posed a threat to people. Its darkness caused him a lot of fear because they believed that on All Hallows' night, the dead came to life and became ghosts, mummies, witches, etc. People also thought that they would be found on the streets if they left their homes.

Since not everyone could afford to stay locked at home all night, those who went out believed that by disguising they would not be recognized by ghosts. And what did they do? Well, he wore masks, hoods, in order to mislead ghosts in their search for spirits.

The first celebrations in America included public parties in which neighbors shared stories of death and ghosts, guessed luck, danced and sang.

In the middle of the 19th century the annual fall festivities they were common but Halloween was not yet celebrated across the country. This began to become general with the arrival of the new Irish immigrants in the second half of the century.

At that time, Americans began to dress up and go house to house asking for food or money, a practice that later evolved into what we know today as trick or treating. The same thing that millions of children around the world will do on the night of October 31st.

Happily, not everything is scary and terrifying on Halloween night. Over time and because children also joined in this celebration, Halloween costumes underwent some alterations.

There are still the costumes of witches, ghosts, Frankenstein, mummies, headless man, etc., but to those were added costumes of animals, fairies, and other good characters. At the end of the day, what it is about is to let the imagination of children fly through the costumes.

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