How to spend more and better time with children

How to spend more and better time with children

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We are always with the same ... complaining that we do not have time to do anything, not to clean the house, prepare a better meal, go to the movies or see friends ... all of this is understandable if we consider that every time we take care of more and more things, but that we say that to be with the children it is necessary that we have all the time in the world, nothing of that. To be with the children we only have to have the will and will ... nothing more!

It doesn't take that long to be with the children. But let's stop blah, blah, blah ..., and focus on what really matters: What can we do to spend quality time with our children?

1 - I think the first thing is that we stop complaining or feeling guilty for not having enough time to share a moment with our children and leave for the practical. Thoughts, blame, or complaints get us nowhere. The best thing is to put into practice what we want, period.

2 - It is important to observe and know what kind of activities does your child like. If he likes to watch movies on television, or if he likes to go to the park, play dolls, draw, paint, ... Then, it will be easier to interact with him and share his tastes and preferences. The question is: What would he like to share with you?

3 - Creating a habit of playing with children also works. If every day, you dedicate yourself to being with your son even for 10 minutes, and only with him, you will already be stimulating your communication and creating channels of dialogue and trust with him.

4 - When you are with your child, it is advisable that you be alone with him. It is not worth being with your child and at the same time talking on the phone or distracting you with something else. Unless your child participates in what you are doing. Example: you can cook with your child, you can organize his room and toys, you can watch a movie or go shopping with him. You can share this type of task together as long as it is interesting for both of you.

5 - If you have more than one child, try spend time alone with each other. Each child is different and will surely have different tastes and preferences.

6 - Remember that the attention you give to your children will become love, trust and security for them. Everything you give your children today, he will give you later. Children need to know that they are loved and understood, and above all that they are welcome in your life. Do not forget it!

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