Guidelines for educating children in responsibility

Guidelines for educating children in responsibility

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Respons (H) ability = Ability to respond. Are we aware of this meaning and how can we transmit it to children? How can we hold our children responsible?

Responsibility is one of those values ​​that we must teach our children from a young age. Above all, because it will be a very beneficial value for them. Do you want to know how to get your child to be more responsible in everything they do? We give you a series of guidelines to educate children in responsibility.

The proverb says 'if I don't do it for me, who will?' And it is that sometimes, taking responsibility is only possible if you do it yourself. And in this, we also have to train our minors.

Pay attention, because I'm going to give you 8 keys to make your child more responsible:

1. Don't be afraid to set limits
First of all, learn to manage your fear, since from there you will surely be doing more than one thing, and from there it is not the place. Ask yourself, what are you afraid of if you set limits? What are you afraid of if you say NO? What are you afraid of if you contradict him? What are you afraid of if you think of yourself first before them? Etc…

2. Make the rules clear
Create with them a set of rules that are clear and concise. And the consequences of not complying with them.

3. Let them little by little assume their responsibilities
Don't try to remind them what to do or what they are responsible for. Once it is worth so that they know what they have to do, and of course, the consequences that not doing it will bring (do not avoid the consequences). Show them the benefits of being responsible.

4. Educate by example
Explain the importance of being responsible and above all, educate by your example. Remember to show him that you are responsible for your things.

5. Give them confidence
Give them self-assurance (for this, see how you are from [email protected], as I said before, the example is the best way to educate).

6. Do not invade their personal space
Allow them a certain margin of privacy.

7. Use positive reinforcement and praise their achievements
Try to stimulate achievement with positive feedback.

8. Teach them to make decisions
Teach your children to make decisions (as before, with your example it will be easier, but for them to learn, do not make the decisions for them, start with the simplest and easiest decisions and when they do, reinforce them with your positive language ). To speak to them with positive language, you have to review what your inner language is like, because if you are not positive or positive with yourself, you will not be with them.

Don't try to carry all of these things on this list at once, pick one and get started. But as I say, first you!!... remember yourself, to be able to give them the example you want to see in them. And later, I will accompany them to take responsibility.

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