Back to school. How to climb the September slope

Back to school. How to climb the September slope

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Many families take advantage of the last days of August to make purchases for the children's return to school. With prices skyrocketing, our economy suffers. Families look for the opportunity of the last days of sales to buy the clothes that children need for the school uniform, for sports, the baby, shoes, school supplies and of course, also backpacks and even the lining of books. How to meet all these expenses?

The September slope is the worst of all. The summer period and the holidays make it easier for us to return home with empty pockets, since the summer lends itself to spending more on leisure, fun, travel, travel and meals away from home.

In these circumstances, with the extra July pay consumed and the vacation hangover, we have to face tuition, textbooks, clothes, lunch and school supplies. Without forgetting that, in the meantime, you have to keep filling the fridge and the pantry.

If you want to save or not spend so much for your child's return to school, follow these 10 tips to climb the September slope:

1. Planning the budget in writing to avoid compulsive shopping.

2- Reuse everything that is in good condition from last year, it is not necessary that everything is new.

3- Compare prices since the differences are great according to the establishments.

4- Take advantage Offers and discounts in stores where you can find promotions and opportunities.

5- The books have margins of up to 25% so it is convenient not to buy anywhere but to compare prices.

6- It is not necessary to buy the school uniform in that store that the school suggests, we will surely find it in another at a better price.

7- Take advantage of initiatives that favor the barter and exchange of clothes, book and school supplies.

8- Select clothes well avoiding cords and other elements that could be dangerous for children

9- Make purchases without the children since they will be attracted by those products that carry their favorite characters and that are more expensive.

10- Make purchases in a staggered way.

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