Weekly menu for pregnant women. Week 25

Weekly menu for pregnant women. Week 25

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During pregnancy, heartburn is one of the most frequent complaints of the future mother. This is because digestion is slower, keeping food in the stomach for longer. The more the baby grows, the more pressure it will put on the stomach, and that causes digestive acids to move up the esophagus, causing heartburn. How can you control those symptoms? With a proper and balanced diet, you can alleviate these discomforts.

Thinking about it, our nutritionist, Cristina Abascal, has developed a menu for pregnant women in the 25th week of gestation.

Due to the heartburn that women experience in pregnancy, it is quite common for them to have swollen and tender gums, which is known as gingivitis. This is also produced by the increase in blood flow.

From the 25th week of pregnancy, symptoms can be controlled by following a series of tips that range from having proper food hygiene to avoiding foods that contain large amounts of refined sugar.

Menu made byCristina Abascal,Nutritionist.

Weekly menu for pregnant women. Week 25

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