Benefits of aloe vera for children and pregnant women

Benefits of aloe vera for children and pregnant women

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You will have heard a lot of the great virtues of aloe vera: it is good for the skin, healing, moisturizing ... it has it all! Hence, many know this plant as 'the miracle plant'. But, do you know its great virtues to use at home?

We tell you what are the main benefits of aloe vera for children and pregnant women. Learn to use this plant in its many versions.

The aloe vera plant hides in the gel of its leaves a series of fantastic properties that we can use both externally and through a refreshing drink. It is rich in beta carotene (provitamin A), vitamin B2, vitamin C and folic acid.

Many creams already include aloe vera among their main ingredients. You will see it especially in after-sun lotions, due to its great protective and calming power for the dermis. But aloe vera has many other benefits, both for children and pregnant women. Discover them here:

1. It's great for after the sun. Yes, the aloe vera plant is used to combat excess sun and soothe and treat sunburns. That is why many 'after sun' lotions for the beach include this ingredient.

2. Aloe vera water lowers blood sugar. Therefore, it can be good for preventing diabetes, although in the event that you are pregnant and have gestational diabetes or your child has already been diagnosed with diabetes, you should consult your doctor.

3. Fight constipation. If you use aloe vera gel to make aloe water, it will be a very effective weapon if you suffer from constipation. It can also be consumed by children. The reason? It has a component with a strong laxative power: anthroquinone. If you or your child have diarrhea, you should not consume water or aloe juice.

4. Effective against Candida. Yes, that fungus so common among women (also during pregnancy) has a great enemy in the aloe vera plant. It has been shown to be very effective against it due to its antibacterial composition. The best thing in this case is to drink it in juice or aloe vera water.

5. Helps prevent spina bifida. Aloe vera is rich in folic acid, so it becomes a great ally for pregnant women, due to its great power to prevent spina bifida in babies.

6. Excellent against anemia. Among the main components of aloe vera are also magnesium, calcium, potassium and iron. Iron helps fight anemia and fatigue.

7. Excellent for growth. Its high potassium content makes aloe vera a fabulous food for children and pregnant women. In the case of children, it will help them grow in a healthy way. Potassium is essential for the development of bones and muscles, something very important also for pregnant women, as it will help the baby's skeleton and muscles to develop strong.

8. Great healing power. Aloe vera is antibacterial and helps heal a wound. Hence, so many postpartum women are recommended to treat episiotomy scar. You should also have it on hand if you have children. It is sure to be very useful for treating injuries from falls.

9. Very hydrating. In times of high temperatures, aloe vera becomes the great ally of hydration. You can consume it through aloe vera water. Also, if you prefer to 'camouflage' its flavor, it can be mixed with some other fruit juice.

10. Combat swelling during pregnancy. Its great moisturizing power helps reduce edema during pregnancy. But it also improves circulation, so the pregnant woman will feel a great relief, especially in the last weeks of pregnancy.

11. Great moisturizing power. The powerful hydration of aloe vera is not only beneficial internally, but we can take advantage of it to hydrate the skin. It is excellent for example for the heel area, where cracks usually appear due to dryness. And in the case of pregnant women, as a preventive measure to stop the appearance of stretch marks on the gut and chest.

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