6 toxic words that you should not use with your child

6 toxic words that you should not use with your child

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We are what we say, and we are not aware of all the power that language has. With our words we can bring a person down or we can empower them to unexpected levels.

Therefore, today we are going to talk about the words that I recommend using frequently, and the words, that I do not recommend using. Here is a list of up to 6 toxic words that you should not use with your child. Go for it!

We will start with the words that I consider toxic, and are those words that are negative, that limit us, that do not allow us to advance, nor develop us and are even words that can damage self-esteem. So I recommend that you take a look at these toxic words that you should not use with your child:

1. 'I need you'. The first one will be "I need you." We can create a relationship of dependency with our children or partner, when we talk about needs. Nobody needs anybody to live. Don't teach this to your children or they may develop emotional dependency in their relationships as adults. We want but do not create need.

2. 'I can't'. Second word used, "I can't." It is one of the most limiting words that do not motivate you to action, but on the contrary, they are capable of paralyzing you, so use it as little as possible, both in your inner language and for your children. Help them manage their resources and encourage them to get out of their comfort zone.

3. 'It is impossible'. Along with “I can't”, “Impossible” can appear, and as we well know, everything can be achieved in life, it is just a matter of being realistic. Teach your children to be dreamers with their feet on the ground.

4. 'I must and I must not'. Another word that does not encourage us to be happy is, "I must or I must not." Better replace it with "I want to or I don't want to." When one speaks of duty, the word itself carries heaviness, so, lighten up your words and speak more of wanting.

5. 'Guilt'. We turn to a word widely used by adults especially, "guilt". Please avoid using this word in front of your children, and better if you never use it. Change it to "I take responsibility" or "I am consistent", you will see that it relieves you and encourages you to solve what has happened that has made you feel that way.

6. 'Failure'. And finally, forget the word "failure", delete it from your dictionary. It is a word that will not let you develop or learn. This, to me, is a slab word, which when you say or think it, it is as if a slab fell on your head. I do not like!!

Well, let's move on to positive words, that will encourage us more and help us to empower and empower ourselves, to grow, to advance and of course, to feel happier. These are words that you should use with your children:

1. 'I can do it' and "Possible", contrary to what is expressed in the negative words. Both words strengthen our self-esteem or that of our children.

2. 'We'. Better to talk about "We" than about oneself, since family life or as a couple help us to have a happier life.

3. 'Opportunity, option and solution'. Always find that "Opportunity" to advance, grow, learn. Just like there are always "Options" or a "Solution" for everything that may happen to us. It is a matter of keeping hope.

4. 'Happy'. Can you imagine that you go down the street and you meet a friend, and he asks you, how about a friend? How are you? and you answer… .. "Happy". There I leave it, hopefully from now on, you can answer it frequently.

5. 'I love you'. And finally, how could I not talk about my favorite words…. "Love" or "I love you." Don't stop saying it but above all, don't stop feeling love in your heart, this will make you live a fuller and more abundant life, when you speak from the vibration of Love. I only challenge you to try to use it!

Remember, language is the reflection of our thoughts and feelings. How do you want them to remember you? or how would you like them to talk about you? Take care of your language and you will know the answers to these questions.

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