With a lot of rhythm. Children's story about music and rhythm

With a lot of rhythm. Children's story about music and rhythm

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Music is magical for everyone who listens to it. Be it rock and roll or bachata, the truth is that its powers affect everyone who is exposed to it, making them feel joy, sadness, emotion, anger ...

Do you think savannah animals like music too? Discover in this funny children's story about music how savanna animals organized the school graduation.

Soon it would be School's graduation. Each group of students had prepared a dance to dismiss the class in front of their families. They had rehearsed a lot and even designed a fun, brightly colored wardrobe.

The giraffesAlthough somewhat clumsy due to their long limbs, they had managed to prepare a hip hop with a lot of rhythm. They had spent many hours rehearsing but they always ended up tangled and tangled. When the song ended there were real knots with so many legs and long necks. But they laughed and admitted having had a great time on stage. While their friends the squirrels untangled them, the giraffes appreciated the applause.

It was the turn of the butterflies. They had chosen an elegant classical dance. Thanks to their concentration to master their elegant wings, a hard training in flexibility and their coordination and musical rhythm they made pirouettes and sober jumps with which they won the admiration of the public. They were brilliant and majestic.

The hippos they chose a rock & roll. It seemed that the stage was too small for them and every time they took a jump it seemed that the earth was going to open and sink. Totally uninhibited, the hippos turned and turned, making the public rise from their seats. Without a doubt, the number ended up being a resounding success.

The gazelles opted for a waltz, while the lions they preferred to stage a country piece. The crocodiles, who had rehearsed in secret, opted for an Arab dance to pay homage to their colleagues on the Nile River. Little by little, the veils that they carefully threw at the public were removed. And the monkeys, who had been the most indecisive when it came to choosing their musical style, performed a fun cha-cha-cha where the maracas were not lacking.

Everyone danced and had a great time keeping in their memory a beautiful memory of their graduation. And it is that, music He not only tames the beasts, he also amuses them.

If you want to know if your child has understood the story "With a lot of rhythm" ask these simple reading comprehension questions.

- Why were all the animals preparing a dance?

- What music were the giraffes going to dance to?

- What dance did the hippos do?

- What kind of dance did the crocodiles do?

- What music would you put on for your dance?

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