What benefits do pets bring to children?

What benefits do pets bring to children?

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They help reduce stress and anxiety, relieve loneliness, enhance responsibility, stimulate physical activity. The advantages of having a pet are innumerable. We tell you why it is good for your children to have a pet that they can take care of at home and what benefits bring pets to children.

The decision to have a family pet is an act of responsibility, above all, but the vast majority of people who live with pets assure that it is one of the most positive choices they have made in their lives.

And it is not for less: the fact of incorporating a pet into family life has endless advantages that can be summarized in an improvement in the emotional and physical health of all its members, in addition to enrich ourselves as a society. We are going to try to list all the advantages that dogs, cats, rabbits, rodents, ferrets can bring us ...

1- We learn to take responsibility for an animal that depends on us. This factor is very important in children. With a pet at home, the little one will acquire very positive learning values, will be more responsible and will have a better attitude, in addition to contributing to their self-esteem and self-confidence. Another important aspect is that the child learn different stages of lifesuch as birth, reproduction and death.

2- We will break our routine. Especially if our pet is a growing animal. If we adopt it (the best option) we will find a little animal that we will have to make an effort to know because, in some cases, it already has its character formed, a previous life, a past, which we will have to keep in mind when re-educating it if was necessary.

3- It will stimulate us to do physical activity. You have to take the pets out to the street so that they play and be happier. We will have to go with them, so we will have to leave the house and accompany them in their exercise hour.

4- It will bring us emotional well-being. It is proven that when we pet an animal our body secretes endorphins, thereby reducing stress and anxiety. They are an inexhaustible source of companionship and affection., in addition to great support to cope with isolation and loneliness.

5- They help lower blood pressure and promote heart health. Recent studies show that having a pet at home favors these essential aspects for the proper functioning of the human body.

In short, life is much more fun with a pet at home. It will give us hope, encouragement and well-being in all aspects. It will be a really reciprocal relationship. And, if you cultivate it, programming activities and calendars, both for daily activities, such as food, bathing or daily walks, as well as for more specific activities, such as excursions or trips, you will have a more united family and happy.

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