Changes in the breast of the pregnant woman

Changes in the breast of the pregnant woman

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Pregnancy involves a true revolution in the body of women. Hormones cause numerous changes to occur, internal and external. Among the most visible changes is the increase in the volume of the abdomen due to the growth of the uterus. But many pregnant women also notice substantial changes in their breasts.

The main changes in a pregnant woman's breast have to do with volume, but they also change inside: they are preparing for breastfeeding. The matron Susana de La Flor, from Cummater, explains it to us.

The pregnant woman's breast changes mostly in volume. In most women it increases between two or three sizes during pregnancy (later with breastfeeding that is maintained). But the increase in volume is not the only change that the pregnant woman will notice. The matron Susana De la Flor It explains what other changes occur:

'The main breast changes are: the second areola of the nipple appears (the areola that we had becomes much larger), and a series of veins appear, which can be clearly seen as is the venous network of Haller, which is to feed the breast to make breast milk. '

Indeed, the chest prepares itself for what will be its great mission: Feed the baby. Hence, its internal and external appearance changes. The areola darkens so the baby can focus and locate it more precisely. The breast is more sensitive during pregnancy. The skin suffers. That is why it is important to pamper and hydrate her during these months:

'The care that must be given to the breast above all is to avoid the appearance of stretch marks, since when they increase in size, as happens in the gut, you have to keep the area well hydrated. But it is important not to put anything on the nipples, neither moisturizer nor any special cream, since with the nipples you do not have to have any special treatment during pregnancy. '

During breastfeeding, however, the nipples suffer a lot. In these cases, it is recommended to use a special treatment to avoid and treat cracks.

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