13 short animal jokes with Ragged Bear for kids

13 short animal jokes with Ragged Bear for kids

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The sense of humor is learned. And you can help your child develop it. Do you know how? Help him with fun activities that make him laugh and think about how much fun it can be to take life with humor.

This time, We suggest you tell your child 13 short animal jokes with Ragged Bear. With these jokes your child will not be able to stop laughing (and neither will you).

Enjoy with your child and have a great time with these short animal jokes. In all of them, as is evident, the protagonist is an animal. They are jokes designed for the little ones. It sure makes them laugh. You want to try? Tell your child these jokes, which we also bring you accompanied by a video version with our beloved Raggy bear. To enjoy!

1. One fish tells the other:

- What does your dad do?

And the other answers:

- NOTHING. And yours?

- Nothing too.

2. What does one duck say to another duck?

- We're even!

3. What is the animal that walks with one leg?

- The duck!

4. Why are elephants afraid of computers?

- By the mouse.

5. Why do the seals in the circus always look up?

- Because that's where the 'spotlights' are.

6. A flea tells another flea

- Where do fleas go when they die?

- And the other answers: To the ‘pulgatorio’.

7. Do you know what a cow is doing with its eyes closed?

- 'Concentrated' milk!

8. Don't you know which is the oldest animal in the world?

- The panda bear ... because it is in black and white!

9. One day I asked my dog: How do you see me?

- He replied: Wow!

- Since then, I love him so much!

10. A lamb asks his mother

- Mom, Mom! Can I go to a party?

And the mother answers: Beeee, beeee!

11. What is the difference between an elephant and a flea?

- That the elephant can have fleas and the flea cannot have elephants.

12. You don't know which is the last animal?

- The dolphin!

13. How is a mountain like a bear?

- In the mountainous ...

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