How are families with Burnout Syndrome or 'Burned families'

Families with 'Burnout Syndrome' or 'Burnt Family Syndrome' they are those families who end up taking professional issues home with them.

Making a professional problem a family problem is something more frequent than we think, in fact three out of 10 families do it. And yes, it is a big mistake. Find out what families with Burnout Syndrome or 'Burned families' are like and how we can avoid suffering from it.

Families with "Burnout Syndrome" or 'Burned Families' are those who are unable to disconnect from their work world when they get home, and they tend to project their work problems and frustrations at home with their family.

And in the end, this is what our children are learning, to burn away from home and go home to pay for the fires. Is this what we want for our family? Is this the model we want our children to follow?

The problem arises when we have to teach our children something that we ourselves do not know how to manage. How can we be a serene role model for our children if we are not able to leave the problems of work at work?

So we get home, and in addition to what we bring from work, we add the difficult task of family conciliation and housework management, that is, a Molotov cocktail that usually ends up exploding right under our noses.

To try to avoid getting out of this terrible syndrome that can destroy the family little by little, I recommend that you ask yourself these questions and reflect on it:

1. Perhaps the first recommendation is, stop and ask ourselves, What kind of life am I living? Do I want to continue like this? Am I happy with what I feel right now? by the way, what am I feeling right now?

2. On the other hand I would question, Is this the example of life that I want to give my children? Do I want my children to be stressed adults?

3. And finally I would ask myself, Am I enjoying my children? Do I really know my children? Do I exercise paternity / maternity? Am I the father / mother that I have dreamed of being for my children?

4. To finish the questions, I would stop to reflect What is important to me in life? What values ​​make up my family life? What is it for me to feel PEACE? What moments of serenity do I have in my life?

With all these questions, and those that you can add to your style, you will try to regain control of your life, looking for new objectives to carry out, once you reflect on the questions raised.

After this intense awareness, I would consider finding a first activity that confronts what I am living, for this we have meditation, mindfulness or sports. Any of them will cause you to release toxins and / or adrenaline, to change the stress level. Find the activity that you feel most comfortable with.

Then I would do a check the type of feeding that I am carrying outPerhaps it has an excess of caffeine, meat, or sugary soft drinks, which make us remove certain negative behaviors. Check and start changing some of them.

Find motivations to do with yours so that you feel rewarded with yourself and with the family. Surely on the day, or on the weekend, there is a shared activity that fills you with peace and serenity.

Last but not least, MAKES TIME FOR YOU. Be that as it may, look for a space a day or a week, to dedicate it to yourself, it is necessary that you reconnect with yourself and your essence, in this way you will advance more serenely through life.

Remember that we want to be the model that our children follow in life, for this, you have to breathe and smile. Basic activities in the development of our loved ones.

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