Breastfeeding on demand

Breastfeeding on demand

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Breastfeeding it is the normal, natural and healthiest way to feed babiesThe World Health Organization (WHO) and numerous national and international scientific organizations (including the Spanish Association of Pediatrics) recommend and encourage exclusive breastfeeding for the first six months of life and continue breastfeeding on demand, together with other foods, up to 2 years or more, as the child and the mother wish.

We tell you everything what you need to know about breastfeeding on demand.

Until not long ago, the belief was widespread among mothers and professionals that the baby needs to take the mother's breast 20 minutes from each breast (every three hours) to obtain the necessary food to meet its needs. Sadly, even today that recommendation continues to be heard from time to time.

These recommendations are made thinking that breastfeeding only meets the nutritional needs of the baby, but breast milk is much more than food. This offers many advantages for the physical and mental health of the mother and the child, as supported by many scientific studies.

Breastfeeding has to be on demand. This means that offer the breast to the baby when he asks for it and for as long as you want, until you spontaneously release it. That is breastfeeding on demand is breastfeeding without schedules or durations.

Thanks to breastfeeding on demand, milk production is regulated according to the child's needs, the intake of milk is ensured at the beginning and at the end of the feeding, whose composition is different, and a good emptying of the breast is achieved, avoiding an excessive accumulation of milk that can cause engorgement and mastitis (problems that often make the breastfeeding fail). Breastfeeding). With food on demand we achieve:

- An adequate weight gain of the baby (since when emptying the breast, it is able to reach the fattest portion of the milk, which satisfies it and helps get fat)

- A correct regulation of the milk produced by the mother and that needed by her child (it is the baby who will mark according to his need at all times. amount of milk produced by its mother, thus in the peaks or shoots of growth, which needs more calories and nutrients the baby will breastfeed more often)

Many children, in addition to food, seek comfort from their mother's breast. A crying baby demanding to be breastfed needs its mother. Delaying the feeding time unnecessarily causes avoidable suffering for both the baby and the mother.

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