5 tips for teaching a child with dyslexia to read

5 tips for teaching a child with dyslexia to read

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A child with dyslexia has great difficulty learn to read because it is difficult for him to decipher the set of letters in the written words. This is why it will take longer than usual to understand the meaning of what you are reading.

In we want to teach you 5 tips for teaching a child with dyslexia to read.

To teach him to read is good follow the same steps what we would do with children without difficulties (first the shape of the letters is learned well together with their sound and then different letters are joined to create syllables), the difference lies mainly in the time you spend.

Below you have five basic tips designed to teach reading, and which are especially important to consider when the child you teach has dyslexia.

1- Practice more often and for less time. He thinks that it is very difficult for them to identify a word at a glance, even if we find this word everywhere in any writing. It is very important that it does not become saturated while you practice (if it gets tired after 5 minutes, do not squeeze it longer).

2- Encourage him and congratulate him for the achievements achieved. Motivation is the great ally of learning, especially if it is about learning something that we know costs us a lot.

3- Don't take a spelling lesson for granted (for example that c + e sounds "ze" and not "que") until it takes a considerable time. This way you won't be surprised if he fails to read it and you will have more patience to explain again what the word in question sounds like.

4- Keep in mind that it is important to give it time. Haste is the worst enemy because it only causes errors and confusion when interpreting what we have read. Children with dyslexia need much more time to learn to read, as well as much more consistency.

5- When he can read sentences, let him make a mistake. As the child is reading, he is linking concepts and building the story in his head; when you confuse a word when reading, you will find that you have to pull back to find the fault and rectify it. Getting used to it allows you to be more aware of the error and, therefore, makes it easier to create the good habit of confirming that what they read makes sense.

Children with dyslexia need to learn many strategies to read and understand what they have read, so you can teach them all the tricks you know to remember them. spelling rules or the shape of some letters that cost more.

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