The squirrel Camila. Story for messy and careless children

The squirrel Camila. Story for messy and careless children

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Children do not learn to organize their toys by themselves, nor to keep their rooms in perfect order by science infused, they do not even know that they have to take care of nature if we do not teach them.

Well, we can transmit all these important lessons very simply and without many sermons. With this messy children's story, Camila the squirrel, children will fully understand the importance of being orderly and careful both inside and outside the home.

There lived in the forest a little squirrel named Camila. It was a very beautiful squirrel, with two large and strong incisor teeth and a very nice shiny tail of hair, but also very dirty and messy. He was throwing the remains of his food on the ground: banana peels, walnuts, hazelnuts, acorns, seeds, pine nuts, wild fruits, etc., leaving a trail of garbage that his neighbors did not like at all. To make matters worse, he was not careful when he ran and devastated everything in his path without caring about causing damage or taking the smaller squirrels ahead.

Very fed up in the squirrel community they decided to talk to her:

- We don't like your attitude! You don't take care of the forest and you don't respect others. You can not continue that way!

- It's not so bad! I'll be more careful - Camila said, not very convinced of his words.

Another day, from the branch of a tall tree, he began to throw the shells of the walnuts that he was eating and, suddenly, he heard a cry of pain:

- Oh, what damage you have done to me! - An old squirrel yelled. And she left complaining, in pain, with a bump on her head.

The next day, running as he always did, he dragged one of the smaller squirrels with his tail and hit it on the leg.

Aware in the community of squirrels of everything that happened they called her again:

"This can't happen again!" They said very seriously.

"It was just an accident!" Camila said annoyed, leaving quickly leaving everyone with the word in their mouths.

At this point, the forest squirrel community agreed to collect all the trash that Camila had thrown away and leave it at the door of her burrow.

There was such a huge pile of garbage that, the next day, when Camila wanted to go out to play, she couldn't. He noticed that it smelled very bad and when he looked through a hole he discovered why he could not get out and where the stench was coming from.

"Help me get out of here!" She screamed desperately for a while.

Deliberating again the squirrel community they told him:

"We will only help you out if you promise to be more civilized and not litter where you want.

At last Camila was able to go out and collected and took all the garbage piled up to the magic waste pit, leaving the forest very clean. She also promised to be more respectful and take care of the forest and, by changing her attitude, everyone discovered how beautiful she was.

To make sure that the child has understood the text well or has simply done an efficient reading, we suggest that you ask these questions about the story:

  • Who was the protagonist of the story?
  • What did he do? How did he behave?
  • What did the other animals do to make him learn his lesson?
  • How does the tale ends?

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