Ginger changes her ways. Children's fable about caring for nature

Ginger changes her ways. Children's fable about caring for nature

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There are many actions that we can teach children so that they learn to take care of the environment and nature. Make them aware that we must not waste water, that we must turn off the lights, and that we must not throw everything in the trash, but recycling and reusing is vital so that pollution does not continue to increase on the planet.

Having a sustainable planet is the foundation of the future. With this beautiful fable you can teach children the importance of caring for the planet and that all these actions have their reward.

Ginger the rat lived in the city, but tired of the noise and pollution, she decided to go to the country for a while to see her cousin Carry.

The morning of the trip, Ginger woke up excited and turned on all the lights in her apartment, despite the fact that many rays of sunlight had already entered.

She wanted to look pretty, so she gave herself a huge bubble bath and he went to choose the clothes he would wear. A collection of outfits hung from the hangers, many of them brand new.

- I don't know what to wear, I have nothing! - the rat complained - and I still need to pack my suitcase!

In the end, she chose a pink cotton dress, with a matching hat.

He finished his luggage and went to eat breakfast. The food you had in the kitchen was going to spoil during your absence, so neither short nor lazy, threw it in the trash.

She brushed her teeth by running the water tap for a long time and thinking about the news she would tell her cousin.

Once ready, Ginger got in her car and headed for Sunflower Village. Along the way, its exhaust pipe was leaving a black smoke.

Upon arrival, Carry greeted her dressed in her usual outfit. The two little rats merged into an embrace.

- How beautiful is all this! - Ginger exclaimed when she saw the meadow with wildflowers, the orchards, the vineyards and the fields of sunflowers.

- Yes, here we like to take care of nature. If we don't, resources may run out - Carry replied.

The following days, the little city mouse was surprised to see how in Sunflower Village the inhabitants preferred to move by bike, they fixed things that broke rather than throwing them away, they used only the water or electricity they needed and bought only what they did lack.

She decided that when she returned to the city, she would adopt those customs.

Ginger concluded that:

For the world to be a pleasant home, we have to consume responsibly.

Find out if your child has understood the text through these simple reading comprehension questions for children.

  • Why did Ginger the rat go to the country?
  • What things did the city mouse do wrong before leaving?
  • What did Ginger like about the field?
  • What things was Ginger going to change when she got home?
  • What things can you do to take care of the environment?

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