Brand bullying, a new form of harassment to children

Brand bullying, a new form of harassment to children

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Brand bullying is a new form of harassment aimed at children and adolescents. In this case the rejection, repression or mockery is motivated for not wearing brand clothes, or fashionable pants, old telephones, not being in the fashion of series, play station games etc ...

The solution is not to buy what they ask for, since that only makes the situation worse.

We tell you what is the solution for the Brand Bullying of children.

Brand bullying is a new form of bullying for children. In this situation, the easy solution is that when your child tells you that his friends laugh at him for carrying a very old phone, then you make the effort to buy him the latest model. Then you rest because you think you have already solved it, right? Well, the answer is NO ..... behind all harassment there is always more, and even for different reasons, harassment always follows fixed patterns.

The reasons of the parents

The current long working hours, the pressure of consumerism, the social pressure that "almost" forces to have "trophy children", (from the book "Educate in the amazement of Catherine L´Ecueyer") children who are examples, that children have all the latest, to use a current term "children influencers" trends, together with the social reality of the growing percentage of single-parent families and the lack of time and effort, makes parents, in some cases, we want to compensate for that deficit or frustration buying everything they ask of us, thus believing that we are equaling other children, succeeding in the education of our children, when in reality it is the opposite.

Parents, emotionally speaking, suffer a lot when seeing their children harassed and this makes them feel responsible, with feelings of guilt, which makes them act and fulfill the wishes of your children, even beyond your wishes and possibilities.

Giving everything to children causes you to place them in a status or position that does not correspond to them, and that tomorrow he will not be able to maintain.

What should we teach the children

As pedagogues, the recommendation we make for parents whose children suffer this type of harassment:

1- We must teach them not to give in to emotional blackmail by their "friends", our children must learn to face and manage that pressure.

2- Teach them to get things with their own effort.

3- Teach them the fair value of material things.

4- Teach them to be happy without material objects involved.

On the educational level

If we give our children everything they ask for, we will be turning them into more insecure children and unable to take any kind of action.

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