Relationship of the Capricorn mother with the son Leo

Relationship of the Capricorn mother with the son Leo

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Leo children are difficult children to carry. His fieryness and excess energy It can clash with the tranquility of Capricorn mothers, however, the intelligence and patience of Capricorn manages to overcome all these problems and achieve a more than cordial relationship with them.

We tell you what the Capricorn mother's relationship with Leo son.

The Capricorn mother is a perfectionist and likes to offer a secure home for your offspring.

Loving the house and the organization is one of the signs that they know how to maintain more stability with their partners and in their family. He loves having his own grouped together and is able to fight for them with patience and tenacity.

There is no problem that resists him and he is able to weather adversity with his effort, because once he visualizes a goal he never succumbs, working slowly but steadily.

Lover of tranquility and traditionsHe's as smart as he is stubborn if he doesn't know how to handle it

Under the influence of Sun star, they always want to be the center of attention and shine as bright as the fiery star.

As good fire sign, they are impetuous children in excess, bordering on anger, and irascible. Learning to control himself is one of his pending subjects.

They don't know how to be alone, but they need space, in a kind of relationship “neither with you nor without you”.

They usually impose in every sense of their life, including with their friends, although, as they tend to outshine others with their brilliance, they are never short of playmates.

They need to vent in the open air, as they have to drain their excess energy.

Leo's impetuousness scares the calm and overprotective Capricorn mother. She thinks that in one of those exalted attitudes, her son may hurt himself, but Leos have dozens of resources to get out of all kinds of mischief unscathed.

The attitude extroverted Leo's optimism and courage move the Capricorn mother, who despite how authoritarian these children can be, they are able to use all their patience and tenacity to understand them.

Better have them controlled, but without exerting too much control over them, since they need their space, and we must never expose them in public because they care a lot about their public image.

They are proud children who must be treated with tact if we do not want them to be away from us forever, although the Leo child is not rancorous, and if we treat you with a lot of love we will always have you by our side.

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