How to teach children to cope with teasing

Sometimes children have to put up with ridicule from their classmates, their peers outside of school, and even their own siblings. When children tease it means that through words they try to ridicule the child to humiliate himMany of the children who make fun do not know the serious consequences that it can have on the self-esteem of those who are affected.

Typically, children are able to handle this type of teasing and it becomes temporary without affecting self-esteem more than necessary, but this is not always the case. There are children who are more vulnerable, more insecure or they feel more defenseless against these types of attacks thus, inadvertently they become an even more attractive target for aggressors, as they often seek out weak 'victims'.

As we can teach children to cope with teasing.

Children who do not know how to handle teasing may be because it feels different others, because he thinks that teasing is justified, because he acts differently than others, because he is outside the norm, because they envy him, because he tries to defend himself but reacts in such a way that it only makes other children want to tease more. .. etc.

When a child does not know how to handle teasing, it does not matter how old he is, you will need help from your parents to cope, to be able to act correctly and especially to understand that it is something temporary and that you do not have to enter the same game or it will be worse.

Parents have a very important role in helping their children cope because we must start from the basis that many children who are teased have low self-esteem and little personal security since their self-esteem has been seriously affected.

To help your child you can follow these tips:

1. Get informed
Find information about what happens to your child. Why happens? Who are mocking? What do they say to you to make you feel this bad?

2. Talk to your child
Teach your child that there are several ways to cope:

- Ignore them (In this way, although at first the child who teases will make him stronger, there will come a time when he will give up)

- Learn quick answers but not offensive (for example: I know you want to make me angry but you are not going to get it).

- Teach him to ask for help whenever you need it (teachers, friends ...).

3. Use role-plays to rehearse the techniques
It is important that your child feels loved, supported and understood at all times and that if you really see that he is having a bad time, that you seek help from a professional immediately so that his self-esteem is not affected more than necessary.

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