Games and activities to prepare the child for writing

Games and activities to prepare the child for writing

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It is very common that when the process of acquiring writing arrives, many mothers and fathers put their hands to their heads, because of how apparently expensive this new task may seem for them.

The teaching of writing, understood as the action of writing, or rather the approach to this task, can begin from the age of 5 in some boys and girls, who are already curious about this new communication strategy. But I want to make it clear that the ages are approximate and relative in each girl or boy. However, today we are concerned with how to carry out this approach with games and activities to prepare the child for writing.

It will not be here where I will talk to you about when is the best time to teach writing learning, a topic so controversial because of the doubt that it stops whether or not the child's development is respected and whether he is prepared, with adequate maturity, to start this process.

I am going to give you some small pills, for parents and teachers, in which the child will be stimulated and empowered, to be better prepared once the time for this process arrives. That is, cHow to prepare them to use the pencil and how to prevent a bad grip on this tool:

- When they are babies, approximately from 6 months, which already tends to disappear the grip reflex, it is essential play with them to give them an object and then ask them so that they give it to us, never take it from us.

- As well present him with an object or toy in his right area and find a way for him to hold it with his left hand, and in the same way, present it to him in his left vision area and make him catch it with his right. In this way, their field of vision begins to cross more and we promote greater neural connections.

- In the crawling stage, it is super important not to be in any hurry because I am already walking. This stage is essential and you have to make the most of it. Encourage their crawling and respect their process, since the more conquered the horizontal plane has, the better it will conquer the vertical plane.

- Once they have started to take the pencil or paint, we can facilitate them to do scribble on a large paper with both hands at once. It is important never to force or force to always do it with the same hand, since laterality, the dominant hand, is not yet defined.

- Stringing games for work fine motor skills, they promote the digital tweezers, later very necessary for handling the pencil and hand-eye coordination.

- Sensory workshops, for example, foam, cooked pasta, flour, in which the girl or boy touches different textures and can feel the different grip they make on objects, and thus feel the force they exert on The same.

- Activities in which you have to draw on salt, for example. In this case, if the girl or boy has already started to draw some figures, letters or numbers, we can gradually model the directionality of the drawing, that is, take their finger in the right direction, for example, to draw number 1.

In a natural way and if there is no pathology, the child goes from one phase of his development to another, once he has overcome the previous one. And I say again that it is important to respect their process and trust him or her. In this way the learning will be safe, which will make our little one gradually gain self-esteem and autonomy.

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