What pay should we give our children according to their age

What pay should we give our children according to their age

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Pay is an outdated habit in the 21st century. Now many parents prefer to give money to the child according to their needs, but this involves many discussions as the child grows older, who always tends to claim a higher weekly salary.

Pay is a good educational resource that we must return to. We tell you the benefits that give pay and how much pay should be given according to the age of the child.

Psychologists say that pay is a good tool for dealing with children's frustration and responsibility as long as it is done correctly.

Through pay, children learn to value things, to save, and to feel independent and responsible for their own expenses.

1- Do not give before 6 or 7 years. They must know how to add and subtract correctly in order to handle money.

2- Mit is better to give less than more. If they have a lot of money left over after having bought their whims, they will downplay saving and the value of things, while if it costs them to save a little to buy something they like they will value it more and understand the effort involved.

3- It is advisable to give it once a week, always the same day, although as they grow it can be given once a month, as if it were a salary.

4- No pay should be given for nothing, since we consider it as a salary. Money for work. In other words, it is the prize for doing homework, cleaning the room, not fighting ...

5- Can be withdrawn as punishment when the agreement is not fulfilled, especially in adolescence. If you don't do your homework, you won't get paid. But never take away the savings they have already accumulated.

6- Pay should save a little, after having made an expense, so you will promote savings.

7- Pay is not haggled, nor is it postponed, nor is it advanced. In special cases you can lend him money that he must always return to you later.

8- It must be given in physical money, not through a bank account. In the case of older children, you can open an account in a bank for them if they want to save and let them manage it with your supervision.

9- You must respect the way they want to spend it: toys, stickers, ice cream, sweets, comics, movies ... as long as it is appropriate for their age.

10- You can give him extras whenever they are associated with a special job: cleaning the car, mowing the lawn ...

11- Pay will increase according to the age of the child and your responsibility to manage it.

12- If it is going to be someone else, like grandparents, who are going to give you this payment, you must inform them of how much they should give, do not go overboard.

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