Box game to multiply large numbers with children

Box game to multiply large numbers with children

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Multiplications with large numbers may seem complicated at first, but you cannot imagine how fun they can be with the box game. In addition, it is a fascinating trick that will help you to make your child lose his fear of numbers and incidentally Let him review the multiplication tables.

We explain how the box game is to multiply large numbers with the kids. This way you will have a fun time with your child. You just have to follow this tutorial. You will see how it is not very difficult!

Suppose you want to multiply this number: 267 x 234. At first it will seem like a complex operation, but you can make it more fun with this trick, the box game to multiply large numbers. We started!

1. First we make our box, which is actually a grid, made up of three horizontal columns and 2 vertical lines. In the vertical part we point our first figure to multiply, and in the upper part, the second figure.

2. The first thing you have to do is divide each small square on your grid or box in half, with a perpendicular line.

3. The next step is to multiply each number in the vertical column by the first number in the horizontal column, and record the result by separating its two figures. Thus, the first operations you must do and point is 2x2, whose result would be 04. (As we have to convert it into two figures, point 0 and 4) ... Then 6x2, whose result is 12, and 7x2, which will give you 14 .

4. Let's go to the second column. How do we fill it in? Guess what? Yes! Multiply each of the numbers in the vertical column by the number 3, which is the second number in our horizontal column. It has to look like this:

5. And in the third column, we multiply the last number in the horizontal column by all our numbers in the vertical column:

6. Well, you already have your square. Now we have to calculate the result of the operation. Each oblique column will be one of the numbers in our result, starting with the number on the right and pointing to the left. To find out, we must add the numbers in the column. The first would be an 8, because there are no more numbers. In the second, you must add all these: 1, 2 and 4. The result, a 7.

7. The third number, we add 4, 2, 8, 2 and 8, and it gives us 24. We put a 4 and we take 2. Those two, you will have to add them to the numbers in the next column. In the next one, we add 1,2,1, and 6. When we add the 2 that we took, it gives us 12. We write down the 2 and we take 1.

9. We now add 1.4 and the one we took with us… gives us 6. And since the following is 0, we already have the result: 62478

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