The role of the family of children with epilepsy

The role of the family of children with epilepsy

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Epilepsy is a disease that obeys treatments and that allows a child to lead a normal life with medication. Still, society still sees those affected by this disorder as strange people.

The role of the family in the treatment of this disorder is fundamental and the success of treatment in an epileptic child depends, to a great extent, on his parents. Therefore, parents should speak openly with them about this disorder, always with positive messages. Find out what is the role of the family of children with epilepsy.

They seem very alarming, but most epileptic seizures last only a few seconds or minutes. When your child has a seizure, the first thing to do is stay calm and the last thing to do is overwhelm yourself. It will help you to follow the following steps:

1. Stay with the child until the crisis is over.

2. Lay something flat, stable and not excessively soft, under your head.

3. Protect you from any injury, keeping you away from any danger (stairs, gas stoves, water, etc.).

4. Keep him in a safe place, removing any hard, pointed or sharp object from his side.

5. Position the child on his side so that your airways are clear. Make sure your child is breathing properly and is comfortable.

6. Unzip or loosen clothing on the child's neck.

7. Apply the medication. If the child presents critical episodes, apply rectal medication indicated by the doctor. If the child does not respond, take him to the doctor.

It is very good to know what to do in case of a seizure. But we often make mistakes that we must avoid. Do you know what not to do in case of an epilepsy crisis in your child? Take note:

- Do not try to stop the child's convulsive movements.

- Do not hold the child or try to immobilize him, unless he is in immediate danger.

- Do not give your child any medicine or anything to drink until he is awake and conscious.

- Do not open its mouth or put anything in it.

- Do not give him resuscitation or assisted breathing unless he stops breathing after the crisis is over.

Once the epilepsy crisis is controlled, it is recommended that you follow these steps:

- Comfort and reassure the child.

- Helps the child to become familiar with the place where he is.

- Use the "Crisis Diary" to write down when the crisis started and when it ended, to give it to the doctor at the next visit.

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