Myths about sex in pregnancy

Myths about sex in pregnancy

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When we get pregnant the body begins to change in every way.

The hormones that are secreted to house our new child sometimes drive us crazy, and the change in our body is not always comfortable for us, this coupled with false beliefs and myths about sex During pregnancy, they make us think twice before enjoying a moment of passion.

If you really want to enjoy sex and you are pregnant, you have no reason not to. We inform you that sex in pregnancy it has more benefits than contraindications.

Many women want to have sex when they are pregnant but do not dare. Years of old-fashioned myths It stops them from enjoying their sexuality at this stage. However, pregnancy is related to sexuality, and until the child is born, at which time the woman's libido drops to unsuspected levels, since she is more focused on raising the new baby, on sleeping the five free minutes that are left to the day, and the discomfort of breasts full of milk, we must enjoy ourto sexuality with naturalness and joy. And, as if this were not enough, we warn you that during pregnancy the sensations are a lot more pleasant than normal What are you waiting for to get down to work?

False myths in pregnancy

1- I'm going to hit the child with my genitals! As false as that the earth is flat. No matter how proud you are of the size of your penis, I am sorry to tell you that you will never even touch the baby.

2- the child going to notice there is a party ... False. The baby is so comfortably tucked in his amniotic sac oblivious to everything that happens, and he will not applaud you when you finish, nor will the wave, but he will feel good because the mother will have secreted endorphins and dopamine that will pass on to the baby.

3- I will not to want with this gut. Well, it depends on each one, but in the vast majority of cases, the opposite happens. The increased blood flow causes extreme sensitivity, both in the area of ​​the vaginal lips, and in the skin of the entire body, which increases libido and pleasure.

4- Penetration can provoke abortion. Fake. It is not proven, it is not even proven that it advances labor.

5- Pregnancy protects me from sexual diseases. False, false and false. Sexually transmitted diseases are spread by blood, or seminal or vaginal fluids, which continues to spread even if we have a baby inside. In addition, with the added danger that the baby can also be harmed.

6- The body of the pregnant woman men don't like it. There is everything in the villa of the man, but normally pregnant women are an incentive for many men. The tummy, the most prominent breasts, and the love that being pregnant means usually provokes in men sexual fantasies very erotic.

We are not going to paint you all pink. There are nuances that really can muddy relationships sexual.

1- Sex should be avoided when we have the risk of having a premature birth, or a risk pregnancy, or changes in the cervix.

2- Not just any position. We can develop the imagination more than ever, but always being careful not to crush the baby inside the gut.

3- It is always better in the 2nd trimester of pregnancy, since during the first trimester we can feel bad with vomiting and nausea, and at the end of pregnancy we will be very uncomfortable and heavy, although not always ...

4- If you do not have a stable partner of trust take precautions. You must be careful with sexually transmitted diseases, especially those that can be passed to the baby. Do not forget to use a condom if you have doubts, it can save the life of you and your baby.

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