What is Baby led weaning or weaning directed by the baby

What is Baby led weaning or weaning directed by the baby

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The WHO (World Health Organization) recommends that during the first 6 months old the feeding that the baby receives is exclusively breastfeeding. From there, it is recommended to continue with it along with the introduction of new foods, always remembering that they are foods to complement breastfeeding, up to 2 years of life.

Classically, foods such as fruits, vegetables, in the forms of purees and porridges have been introduced ... The first ingredient that is usually introduced in the diet of babies after breast milk is cereals. But now there is a different way of introducing solid food, which has nothing to do with the bottle, no purees or baby food. This new method it's called Baby Led Wearing (BLW).

In general, it consists of introducing the food instead of how it has been done traditionally, in suitable pieces so that the baby can hold it comfortably and put it in his mouth to taste and swallow it ... Those pieces at the beginning are large and elongated so that the baby can take them with all his little hand and still protrude a little from the fist, so that he can eat it easily .

This method argues that only when the baby is ready to take the food and put it in the mouth, is prepared for the introduction of foods other than breast milk.

Advantages of this new method of introducing complementary foods into the baby's diet are that it allows the baby to differentiate the different flavors of food, unlike in puree in which different ingredients are mixed. Plus, you won't have to wean your baby off the purees.

The baby interacts more with the family dynamics if you can sit him at the table, in his high chair, with his bowl of food to pick it up.

However, baby led weaning also has some disadvantages. Between them:

- The babies they get more dirty than eating pureed since they are the ones who take the food with their hands.

- Parents are uneasy about the possibility of choking, to prevent it, always remove small pieces of food, such as olives for example, from the child's reach and do not leave the baby unattended while eating.

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