10 benefits of playing guessing games with children

10 benefits of playing guessing games with children

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Play during childhood is necessary, essential and beneficial for the little ones, especially if we do it as a family. A good idea to have fun with our children are riddles. Do you know the benefits of playing riddles with children?

1- The guessing game helps children to focus your attention on the game itself. When we start this playful activity, the little ones put all their attention on listening to what we say and assimilating it in order to understand it and guess the answer as soon as possible. Therefore it becomes an ideal tool to help children concentrate.

2- Riddles help your intellectual and critical development of the smallest since children have to listen carefully to the statement of the same and they have to understand the language and associate ideas to be able to know the answer, discarding those that are not valid.

3- They also help children learn to be patient listening carefully to the statement of the riddle in order to understand it and know the result of it.

4- The guessing game can be carried out in a group so it also helps children to socialize with other children.

5- The guessing game is economical, requires nothing but verbal skill and knowledge to play.

6- Another benefit of the guessing game is that we can play without the need for a large space, and it can be done both outside and inside, either inside a vehicle to liven up long trips, or at home during rainy afternoons when we can't play in the parks.

7- They contribute to encourage creativity in the little ones, since they can get started in the creation of new riddles by proposing their own ideas of riddles.

8- The game of riddles gives children self-confidence and confidence when they manage to solve them or when they manage to make up some riddles.

9- Riddles also awaken in children their innate capacity for curiosity. It is necessary to adapt the riddles to the ages of the children but without a doubt they become a complete and playful game in which fun is guaranteed.

10- Most of the riddles are made in the form of rhymes, so they also provide children with a literary learning, helping them to form their own riddles with these types of structures.

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